Ciberseguridad en la firma electrónica | Viafirma y Cloudflare

Cybersecurity in electronic signature | Viafirma y Cloudflare

Last Wednesday, November 23rd, Viafirma joined Cloudflare in one of our regular free webinars to discuss a fundamental issue in electronic signatures: cybersecurity.

Our electronic signature tool is the most complete on the market and meets all the requirements and standards demanded by the cloud services market, but we didn’t want to stop there. In our quest to offer the best possible service, we partnered with Cloudflare, a company that specializes in providing cybersecurity solutions on the Internet, among other things. Currently, 20% of the world’s traffic passes through this company, according to Julien Detant, the company’s Account Executive.

How Cloudflare Strengthens Cybersecurity in Viafirma’s Services

Julien explained the key ways Cloudflare improves the cybersecurity of our services and products:

  1. Speed and availability of the web: There are the so-called denial of service attacks (DDOS), which consist in sending thousands of requests to a website, causing it to collapse and become inaccessible. This is one of the most common attacks, and Viafirma’s websites are protected against it thanks to Cloudflare. They also have tools that “work like a GPS” to find the fastest routes and make the connection faster.
  2. Automated traffic: Another common attack is bots trying to automatically connect to the web to harvest keys or passwords. Cloudflare’s tools detect this behavior as non-human, such as dozens of connection attempts in a few minutes. Here, Julien warns us that despite the layer of security, “there is no such thing as zero risk on the Internet.
  3. Extended protection: Cloudflare’s protection layer extends to the entire domain, including, for example, service access pages.
  4. Protection in API’s: One of the elements that the average user does not see, but that is key to cybersecurity. API’s connect different platforms to automate data exchange processes. In the case of Viafirma, for example, some customers have integrated our solutions into their own platforms. The data exchange between this third party platform and our solutions through API’s can be vulnerable, so in our case they are also protected thanks to Cloudflare.
  5. Attacks on servers: It is possible that there are DDOS attacks directly on the servers that host the websites or services. In this case, it is not an attempt to bring down the web, but directly the place where it is hosted. Again, the alliance with Cloudflare protects us from these attacks.
  6. Protection in the enterprise’s life: Zero Trust principles are applied. The goal is not to establish a defined boundary between sites or content that are safe in terms of their origin and those that are not. An example is the many cases of phishing, where messages with known senders and appearances may actually come from hackers or contain malicious content. Cloudflare fights this with machine learning. They have the second most powerful crawler in the world, after Google, that scans the entire web for malicious origin.


Cloudflare, our partner to ensure cybersecurity

In Viafirma we believe that it is not only important to offer the best electronic signature and certificate management tools. We must also offer security and peace of mind to our clients.

Having the support of specialized partners such as Cloudflare allows us to be at the forefront of cybersecurity, to be always up to date, and to offer the highest level of excellence.




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