Comisión Nacional de Energía: caso de éxito con Viafirma

National Energy Commission: Viafirma Success Story

The National Energy Commission (CNE) is the institution under the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Dominican Republic that is mainly responsible for the operational management of energy policies and compliance with related laws in the country.

The National Energy Commission aims to ensure compliance with and execution of the laws and regulations governing the national energy policy in order to fulfill its mission of promoting the sustainable and efficient development of the Dominican energy sector.


How did our collaboration with the National Energy Commission begin?

The CNE approached Viafirma at the end of 2018 to be able to digitally and legally sign the documents that they managed day to day within the institution, mainly internally among the employees themselves, in an agile and simple way.

The CNE’s vision is to position itself as an institution of reference in energy planning and to fulfill the objectives of promoting development in an efficient and optimal manner.


How do we help the National Energy Commission?

Solution: How do we help the National Energy Commission?

The National Energy Commission’s project addressed different interrelated needs for digital signature of documents. On the one hand, they needed a system that would allow them to exchange and sign documents internally among the employees of the institution itself, who would make use of their own digital certificates for signature or approval requests. For this purpose, the following services were provided:

  • Issuance of digital certificates for employees of the institution issued and stored by a secure server (HSM)
  • Providing a digital signature holder (Viafirma Inbox)

These measures made it possible to avoid the displacement of personnel and the physical management and transfer of documents between the different departments involved, thus reducing the administrative costs associated with these processes, as well as direct savings from the reduction of printing and handling of paper documents.

On the other hand, the National Energy Commission required an unattended signature solution that would allow them to issue certain authorizations and certifications addressed to agents external to the institution. These documents are obtained after contracting data against the internal database, so they do not require review or validation by any specific person, and simply have to be signed automatically after their generation. For this purpose, Viafirma Inbox software was integrated with the centralized signature solution (Viafirma Fortress).


In addition, a customized webapp for the verification of digitally signed documents was also developed.

All these solutions interact together to meet all the needs of the institution, contemplating different signature scenarios and environments: multi-signature, batch signature, unattended signature, signature delegation, etc.




Following the launch and implementation of the digital transformation project, the National Energy Commission has increased usage year after year as they have identified new internal opportunities to optimize and streamline.

Hundreds of documents are managed and digitally signed by the institution in an agile and simple way from the collaboration with Viafirma.

Among the main achievements we can highlight:

  • Web use of external platforms without integration
  • Development of web portal for verification of signed documents
  • Reduction of paper use for the benefit of the environment
  • Implementation of remote signature procedures
  • Geographical, time and technological independence.
  • Reduction of administrative costs and expenses and number of travels
  • Optimization of internal document processes
  • Increased efficiency of work teams (time reduction)
  • Security and legality in procedures

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