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Trusted electronic service provider

Within the regulatory framework of Regulation (EU) N 910/2014, which regulates eIDAS, the concept of trusted service providers is established. Of these, today we explain to you what a qualified trusted electronic service provider is

But first, what is a trusted electronic service provider?

A trusted service is an electronic service usually provided for a fee, such as the creation, verification or validation of electronic signatures or the creation, verification and validation of certificates for website authentication

That trust service will be qualified when it complies with the legal requirements set out in Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014

It follows, therefore, that a qualified electronic trust service provider is one that provides one or more qualified trust services and has been granted the appropriate qualification by the supervisory body.

What are the requirements for a trusted electronic service provider?

Essentially, a qualified trusted e-service provider is one that must verify identity in order to issue a digital certificate. There are several ways in which you can verify identity:

  1. In person: in the presence of the individual or an authorized representative.
  2. Remote: using electronic means of identification, which in turn must comply with certain security levels.
  3. By certificate: through the use of a qualified electronic signature certificate.
  4. Other means: using one of the other recognized methods of identification that provide a reliability comparable to physical presence.
Trusted-electronic-services-provider - Time-stamping offered by Viafirma


Viafirma: qualified trusted electronic service provider of time-stamping service

Fulfilling all these requirements, Viafirma is a qualified trustworthy electronic service provider, recognized by the pertinent organizations and that strictly complies with the requirements set forth by eIDAS.

It was named the first provider of trusted electronic time-stamping services in Andalusia, a recognition with effect in all European Union countries.

Qualified time stamping allows, by means of cryptography, to record the date and time at which an electronic signature was made so that the exact time of the transaction is recorded. This also guarantees that the document has not been subsequently altered, will not be repudiated and will be admissible in any court of law.

Therefore, time stamping strengthens the integrity and security of the entire electronic signature process. So much so that certain electronically signed documents will require the the time stamp’s inclusion.

Viafirma, as a qualified trustworthy electronic services provider, offers the most complete electronic signature tool in the market with time stamping included by default, without any extra cost.

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