How is the identity of the signer authenticated?

Viafirma has several mechanisms to identify and authenticate the signatory in a request, some depending on the signature modality chosen are mandatory and others optional and configurable by our customers.

You have to differentiate between identifying the signatory, who is who signs, with the authentication that is to prove that you are who you say you are.

The data usually requested when writing an application is usually the first name, surname, email address and telephone number of the signing user.

We will detail the identification possibilities offered by Viafirma:


The simplest and most common method to verify the other party is to use their email address. If you are the sender of the document and you send it through Viafirma, you must provide a valid email address to where we will send the link to the access of the signature request.

SMS or WhatsApp

If we know the telephone number of the signatory user we will send you the link to the signature request via SMS or WhatsApp.

Registered users

Users registered with Viafirma are validated by email and their access is protected by multifactor authentication. This allows sent signature requests to only be accessible from your mobile app or tray.

OTP code for access to the signature request

It protects access to the signature page sent by any means through an OTP code sent by SMS or Email.

Access code to the signature request

Protects access to the signature page. It is a static code that the signing user must know in order to access.

Code for completion of signature request

Protects the completion of the signing process once all policies have been finalized. It is a static code that the signing user must know in order to finish. Its use is intended for sales processes based on self-selling kiosks, where the end user completes the signature request himself, but requires the presence of a seller before finalizing.

Filters for signature with electronic certificate

If before sending the application you indicate the identity document of the signatory for signature processes with electronic certificate, Viafirma will extract the data of the certificate before signing and will check that the number matches. If not, it will not allow the signing process to be completed.

video identification

Video identification is a digital process of biometric verification of a person’s identity. Thanks to it, you can remotely check the identity of a real person and relate it to your legal identity card.

With Viafirma if you have this service active you can do so both during the creation process of the signature request and including it in a predefined template that you can use by default in those processes in which the video identification is usually necessary.

Financial scoring providers or identity validations

We have specific integrations requested by our customers such as those used for financial scoring providers or identity validations: CIFIN, LISIM, EXPERIAN, etc.


All these identification processes can be combined with authentication and signature processes detailed in the product documentation.

Some of these services are not enabled by default on the platform. If you are interested in any of them contact us.



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