Signature stamp

The signature stamp is the graphic representation of the signature with digital certificate.

Configuration from the drafting of requests

From the request writing option, in step three “Fields” we can edit the document stamp:


Edición del sello del documento

We can choose its orientation in the document and the page or pages where we want to show it:


Configuración del sello del documento


Configuration from a template

We can choose between the type of stamp, stamp rotation, position identifier and time zone.


The types of signature seals available are as follows.  



IMPORTANT: In the type “Image” an example image is shown but you can see that the option “Select file” appears, so you can upload any customized image you want.


Once the type of stamp is chosen, it can be left horizontal or rotated and positioned vertically.

Position identifier

The signature stamp can be positioned on the document by dragging or by defining a signature identifier for pdf with acrofields.  



Viafirma Documents is used worldwide, that is why we can choose the time zone we are in.

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