OTP Mail Signature

The OTP Mail signature is based on a one-time-password code, generated from the hash of the document to be signed, and sent to the signer’s email address through an email. The verification code generated by Viafirma corresponds to a random algorithm for which the content of the document to be signed (hash) is used, being able to prove that this OTP code corresponds to a specific document and not to another one.

The basic configuration of this type of evidence in templates is as follows:


During the signing process, the signer will be shown as follows:

OTP Mail Signature


This is the email you will receive to indicate the code you must enter:

Correo con el OTP email


Once the signature has been made, the result will be as follows.

Document showing the evidence:



Data collected during the signature and that can be seen from the document itself if in the evidence we activate the option “Add public link on the evidence” that you will find in the advanced configuration options:


This information will be available at all times from the platform.

If you have any questions about the use of this information please contact us directly.


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