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Electronic signature for SMEs, a tool for resource optimization

The electronic signature for SMEs is mainly linked to the filing of taxes and/or dealings with the Public Administration. In fact, through policies that increasingly tend to telematic management, have contributed to the fact that companies have to gain momentum and adapt to this new way of interacting.

Since the entry into force of Law 25/2013, electronic invoicing through a single point of entry -FACe, has become an indispensable requirement for all those companies working with the Public Administration. However, the opportunities offered by the electronic signature in terms of improving business management processes go beyond the procedures related to the Public Administration.

Since Law 59/2003 on electronic signatures grants the advanced electronic signature -through a certificate-, the same validity as the handwritten one, the uses that can be given to it are very broad, requiring a specific application for each specific case.

Thus, there are software packages such as Viafirma that offer solutions adapted to every need. Some examples of the uses that can be given are: the signing of contracts, invoices, orders, and even meetings by videoconference being able to carry out the signing of minutes without the need for the participants to be physically in the same place. All of them represent a considerable saving of time and money.

¿Cómo impactan las soluciones de firma electrónica para pymes?

Of all the possible electronic signature integration solutions for SMEs, the ones that offer the most advantages for any company, at a global level, are those for document management.

Thus, solutions such as those offered by the Viafirma suite can provide the following improvements for the management of any company:

  • The company becomes a paperless environment, thereby increasing the level of security.
  • The risk of plagiarism is avoided.
  • Costs are reduced, thus optimizing resources
  • ROI is increased.
  • Since all documents are stored digitally, the information is much more accessible.
  • It contributes to the reduction of pollution.
  • Customer experience is improved.

If the company opts for full integration, the positive effects of the electronic signature for SMEs would have a much greater impact. That is to say, much more costs could be saved, processes would be done faster, which would ultimately make the company much more efficient, increasing its competitive capacity.

Firma electrónica para pymes

Realidad empresarial

Despite all the advantages, the reality is that many companies are still reluctant to change, mainly for three reasons:

  • El miedo al cambio.
  • Se piensan que es caro.
  • Piensan que es muy complicado.

The necessary investment and the adaptation time required to implement the electronic signature for SMEs imply a decrease in productivity. However, solutions such as Viafirma Platform, simplify the user’s work; minimizing the adaptation time. In general, companies that decide to take the step, usually obtain very good results.

La firma electrónica, una solución para las PYMES

The electronic signature is a tool with great positive benefits for SMEs, given the optimization of resources that it can mean, as well as the reduction of time and the improvement of customer management. Those who take the step and acquire technological solutions such as Viafirma’s, obtain a very favorable competitive improvement.


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