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Last week was a very good week for Viafirma‘s history. For those who do not know it yet, we managed to get the two awards we were competing for, the ENISE 2012 Award and to be one of the finalists of the “Minerva Project”, an entrepreneurial initiative of the Junta de Andalucía and Vodafone.

Let’s start in chronological order:

ENISE Awards

The National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO) in the third edition of the ENISE Awards, dedicated to the best security solution in mobility of this year, has awarded us the prize with our solution for mobile electronic signature recognized with electronic ID. Undoubtedly, this award gives us a great recognition to all the work done, especially in research, during these last months, where, in addition to the awards, one of our most demanded products, the eID reader for iPhone and iPad, was released.

Our candidacy was the one that most pleased, among the 14 submitted, a jury composed of Ametic, Red Seguridad, Revista SIC, Dintel, AEI Movilidad, Isaca Madrid, Segurinfo and an independent expert. Our CEO Antonio Cabrera and our Technical Director Javier Echeverría traveled to León to receive the award from the INTECO’ Manager, Manuel Escalante.

Some references to the ENISE award:


Minerva is an initiative promoted by the Regional Government of Andalusia and Vodafone for companies and entrepreneurs interested in promoting, fostering and consolidating ideas and solutions in the field of mobile communications with a clear market orientation, providing a business approach from the conception of the idea to its future commercialization and market launch.

Mobile technology experts and business consultants will accompany the participants (including ourselves) to support and advise them throughout the entire life cycle of the business idea, from the creation of the company to the marketing of your solutions/products.


The Minister of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Antonio Ávila, and the President of Vodafone Spain, Francisco Román, both in the photo above together with our colleague Manuel Jesús López, were in charge of presenting, before some 100 people, the 17 projects selected by the Minerva program, which will receive support to put their ideas into action and turn them into applications with a market launch.

In our particular case the selected project has been Viafirma eSign for iOS. It is an application for iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) which will allow the end user, among other things, to sign their documents in PDF, giving them the possibility of signing in a digitalized way, with advanced electronic signature (with digital certificates) or mobile qualified electronic signature (with the same legal validity as the handwritten signature), thanks to the eID and our already famous reader for iOS.

Here you have the moment in video when Viafirma received the diploma:

Minerva Project References:

Finally, from Viafirma we would like to thank both INTECO and the Minerva project for trusting us and recognizing our efforts to innovate and bring our solutions to the latest technological trends.


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