5-ways to gain productivity via eSignatures

Gráfico productividad

According to wikipedia, productivity is the ratio between the amount of product obtained from a production system and the resources used for this production. It may also be defined as the relationship between the results and the time taken to obtain them, ie the smaller time it takes to get the desired result, the more productive is the system. Well, given this definition I would like to make an analogy between 5 general concepts in business productivity and their application when we infer them to the improvement of business conditions resulting from the actively usage of electronic signature or digital signature within the organization.

1. Define and promote a corporate culture.

  • Traditional Productivity: In this section is important to worry about the diagnose of the firm culture and mold it in the direction that is deemed appropriate. The gain at this point is usually the responsibility of the highest levels of the company (managers).
  • Productivity achieved thanks to the digital signature: The digital signature allows to promote such interesting concepts to enhance corporate culture such as innovation, corporate social responsibility or commitment to new technologies. The advantages of the digital signature is a concept that should be clear whether your company pursues these values​​.

2. Taking time to evaluate, recruit and develop employees.

  • Traditional Productivity: This is one of the functions that are performed by the Human Resources departments, but should make a CEO. A manager who is concerned with this function will help improve the recruitment process and increase labor productivity, choosing professionals with experience and ability to lead teams.
  • Productivity achieved thanks to the digital signature: With electronic signatures, the HR department will clearly benefit their productivity, and thanks to some digital signature software features they will automate the signing of all documents pending to be signed that were robbed valuable time. Time that can be now invest in assessing, recruiting, training and developing the staff.

3. Cultivating trust and communication channels

  • Traditional Productivity: In a culture of trust there must be set goals (results) and behaviors (values​​), and then provide the resources to achieve them.
  • Productivity achieved thanks to the digital signature: With the implementation of electronic signatures in an organization we focus on the last phase of this point; the resources needed to achieve the results. Moreover, with a suitable signature software signature workflows can be created, thus creating a new channel of internal communication.

4. Make your team works synchronously

  • Traditional Productivity: The chief executive of the company must worry about building a good team, with different responsibilities and experiences, so that the work as a whole is enriching. But once formed this team, not enough to entrust responsibilities, it must recognize the talents and put them to work synchronously under his supervision.
  • Productivity achieved thanks to the digital signature: The timing of the entire system is essential to be productive, that’s why the called “electronic signatures agendas” allow storing electronic signatures and work similarly to an email client, organizing and synchronizing all documents signed or to be signed.

5. Involved when conflicts arise.

  • Traditional Productivity: A good entrepreneur must take specific actions when conflicts arise in the company.
  • Productivity achieved thanks to the digital signature: Thanks to the intrinsic properties of the electronic signing (thanks especially to the non-repudiation) internal conflicts will be reduced due to the impossibility of attributing the authorship of a “blunder” committed to signing delegate responsibilities, and that actions will be recorded and attributed unequivocally to the delegate person.

As you can see, in addition to the productivity benefits inherent to electronically sign (reduced time, cost, bureaucracy, etc.), the use of digital signatures can dramatically improve business productivity.


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