ERP Digital Signature case study

Gesforma is an ERP system specialized in streamlining FUNDAE’s programmed training management.

Logotipo del ERP Gesforma

This is a software system designed to manage the whole training program for companies (subsidized courses) but also allowing to manage private training and consulting services (e.g., training and learning contracts, LOPD, PRL, etc.)

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are management information systems used for planning enterprise resources. These are programs that take care of many internal operations of a company, from production to distribution including HR offering the benefits of automating processes. They make all the information available on the same platform while integrating the different databases, saving time and costs. In addition, they offer integration with Business Intelligence solutions that provide detailed reports on the current situation of the company in order to analyze and improve internal processes, including marketing and sales.

Using digital signatures in ERP as part of a strategy

Through a Cloud service, Gesforma has incorporated our product Viafirma Documents to electronically sign documents. Furthermore, Gesforma offers this tool to their clients as part of their own solutions. This allows them to have the signed document and the audit trail, as explained in the video by the company Dimas y Rodríguez Servicios de Formación y Consultoría, owner of the product.

Viafirma Documents is a digital signature software that allows to sign documents (PDF, DOCX, ODT formats) anywhere and on any device. The signed documents are legally processed in order to comply with the regulations in force throughout the EU and contain an audit trail with all relevant data, events and evidence collected from the signing process.

The result

Thanks to digital signatures, Gesforma has achieved a more efficient and environmentally friendly management of their operation, saving time and reducing the amount of paper used. For their clients (over 170 entities) besides these cost saving results, the automation of their operations has helped them through 2020 due to the existing difficulties for signing documents in person.

Current business scenario

Given the current state of affairs caused by the COVID-19 crisis, authentication and digital signature operations have turned out to be a turnkey solution in view of the need to halt multiple face-to-face activities. Besides, digital signatures offer users the possibility of adding the benefits offered by other resources and related services, which are constantly evolving:

A flexible digital signature folder that replaces the old paper-based signature folder, saving time and costs in terms of managing documents to be signed, setting up efficient signature workflows and approvals.

Cloud-based electronic signature solution that controls and manages all digital certificates on any device, no installation required, with robust identity authentication and permission control over certificates, allowing greater flexibility and control over document management and signing.

Gesforma is a use case of the digital signature, a proactive company with experience as a differential value. The company works with custom programming to implement personalized adaptations to improve the client’s efficiency, with a large number of entities which have already automated their operations. This company works as a collaborative partner of Autoforma, the National Association of Training Managers.

Overview of ERP suppliers in Spain

The Spanish ERP market continues to grow, fueled by increased adoption of both the cloud and SaaS solutions. Companies are hiring more cloud services for their most crucial business software, thus increasing the availability of online ERP products.

The company Panorama Consulting Solutions has stated in their Report on ERP Systems and Business Software 2016 on the trends and preferences of different sectors, that on average organizations invest 6.5% of their annual income in ERP projects because it provides an increase in productivity and potential return on their investment, pointing out the reasons that support this:

Bar chart expressing in percentages the main reasons for ERP implementations


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