Can I modify the document when it already includes signatures and evidences?

Are you wondering if you can modify a signed document? If the application includes a form to add data to the document to be signed, you can add and modify the text as many times as you wish. However, if signatures or other electronic evidence has already been added to the document once the document has been constructed with the form data, any changes to its content could affect its meaning or purpose.

If you need to change any data, you will be able to modify the signed document. But we will remove all signatures and evidences that were already added so you can start over. Remember that we do this to ensure the security of the document. Imagine that we already have the contract ready to sign, you have indicated that you want to pay for the service in 36 installments and you have already accepted those conditions. If you finally want to change the terms, the signatures previously made would not correspond to what the signer read at the time of signing. Therefore, once the document has been modified, it has to be signed again.


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