Is it mandatory to share my location when signing?

Many users wonder if it is mandatory to share the location when signing because when signing from a web browser an alert may appear requesting information about the user’s location.

It is a message offered by the browsers themselves, it is not a Viafirma text, and it will be shown in the language in which the user has configured his/her operating system or browser.

Is it mandatory to accept?

It is not mandatory to share the location when signing, the process is completed correctly whatever the signer’s decision is regarding the acceptance of that message.

What is it for?

We use this information to include it as an additional probative value along with the rest of the evidence we collect throughout the signing process.

In the event that the signature is being made from devices controlled by the company, the location will be precise thanks to the GPS of these devices.


Below we show the details of the captured evidence in case the user accepts or does not accept to provide his location data.

  • Extract evidence of signature WITHOUT the user’s acceptance to offer his location:
  • Extract evidence of signature WITH the user’s acceptance to offer his location.


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