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electronic signature in ecuador Updated in November 2023

Types of electronic signature with Viafirma

The electronic signature must guarantee the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of the signed message or document. For this purpose, different authentication methods or factors or identity data are used. The main types are:

    • Digital signature: It is a numerical value that is added to a message or document and guarantees its integrity and authenticity by means of asymmetric cryptography and a digital certificate.
    • Electronic signature: Any method that makes it possible to identify a person in relation to a message or document.
    • Certified electronic signature: Any method of electronic signature made with identity factors or data, which includes a digital certificate to guarantee its security and integrity.

Electronic signature legislation in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Law No. 2002-67 on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signatures and Data Messages regulates the validity of electronic signatures in Ecuador: data messages, certification services, electronic contracting, electronic services through information networks (including electronic commerce), and protection for users of these systems. According to these regulations, electronic signatures in Ecuador have the same validity as handwritten signatures on documents and may be used as evidence in court.

Legally, an electronically signed data message reflects the will of the sender, who will be subject to compliance with the obligations of the data message as established by law. To sign electronically, it is essential to have a valid electronic signature certificate issued by a certification entity.

How to obtain a digital certificate in Ecuador?

Electronic signature certificates can be obtained in two ways:

    • In token container (high security cryptographic device). It will be delivered preferentially to users of foreign trade services with the National Customs Service of Ecuador (Senae) and the Central Payment System of the Central Bank of Ecuador.
    • In a secure, versatile and useful archive container, when needed for other types of services, such as those required by public officials.

What documents do I need to apply for a digital certificate in Ecuador?

To apply for a digital certificate, you must have a series of scanned documents in PDF format, which must be uploaded for registration:

Natural person

    1. Color scan of ID card or passport
    1. Digitalized updated ballot paper (except for those over 65 years of age, Ecuadorians living abroad, members of the Armed Forces and National Police, and people with disabilities)
    1. Scanned last electric, water or telephone bill

Legal Entity

    1. Prior registration of the company in the system
    1. Company’s RUC number
    1. ID card or passport scanned in color
    1. Updated voting ballot (except for those over 65 years of age, Ecuadorians living abroad, members of the Armed Forces and National Police, and persons with disabilities)
    1. Appointment or labor certificate signed by the Legal Representative
    1. Authorization signed by the Legal Representative. In case of subrogation or delegation, attach the corresponding official document

You may consult the fees for digital certificates, according to Administrative Resolution No. BCE-GG-024-2020.

News on electronic signatures in Ecuador

Until June 2023, electronic signatures in Ecuador were only available for laptops or desktop computers. Now, with the “FirmaEC Móvil” application, promoted by the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Information Society (Mintel) in June 2023, Ecuadorians can sign PDF documents and verify the validity of electronic procedures and digital certificates from mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Bandera Ecuador

Viafirma is a registered trademark in Ecuador

Viafirma es una marca reconocida y registrada en Ecuador desde el 9 de marzo de 2022, por el Servicio Nacional de Derechos Intelectuales (SENADI), organismo responsable de regular las leyes de propiedad intelectual.

If you are looking for a document signature solution in Ecuador, we have in Viafirma the solution that adapts to your needs. You will be able to sign documents such as contracts or informed consents, wherever and whenever you want, with all the legal guarantees.

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