Fortress generic questions

Can I have more than one certificate?

Yes, the same user may have one or more certificates, with different profiles and from different providers.

Can I delegate the use of my certificate?

One of the great advantages of Viafirma Fortress is precisely the possibility to delegate the use of our certificate keeping the same security levels established for its use and always under our control.

On the one hand, all activity will be recorded and audited by the system, and this information will be available to the user.

In addition, through the delegation policies, we can restrict the use we want to be made of it. These policies will determine WHERE, HOW and WHEN our digital certificate can be used.

If necessary, we can even authorize a trusted person to delegate the use of our certificate to a third party, receiving a notification to authorize such delegation.

Can I import a certificate into Fortress?

Yes, Viafirma Fortress allows the import in the HSM of digital certificates generated externally and in .p12 or .pfx formats.

Can I request certificates directly from Viafirma Fortress?

Yes, you can request your certificates without leaving the platform and they will be generated directly in the cloud.

Fortress already has the integration of several certification providers, better known by the acronym PSC (Certification Service Provider) or CA (Certification Authority), allowing to automate procedures such as the generation of centralized certificates.

In addition, thanks to a pluggable system, Fortress is ready to add new connection and integration interfaces to new providers and new certificate profiles.

How is a certificate generated in the cloud?

Through pre-registration, the physical identity is linked to the digital identity (enrollment), which allows the issuance of a personal certificate in a secure cloud server (HSM) that will be invoked when needed.


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