Scan PDF417 to fill in your forms

New functionality in Viafirma Documents to optimize the time used to complete forms and improve the quality of the collected data.

The new scan type ITEM allows the reading of a PDF417 and the transcription of the data obtained to other fields of the form.

An example of the use of this type of PDF-417 code is given in some identity documents, such as the Colombian ID card, which incorporates this code on the back that contains public information about the citizen and that you can automatically transfer to your form.

Configuration and use

To use this functionality you will be able to configure your forms, as usual, in two ways: in the form designer that you will find in the management panel of your templates, or directly in the definition of the service when you consume it through API.

Configuration from the designer

In the template management, forms module, you will be able to edit the properties of your form, adding an item of the “Scan” type. This type will allow you to define a default behavior for the possible values supported in different 417 templates that will be added to the product.

For example, the template “Cédula Colombia” will allow you to extract the following data:

raw, number, name1, name2, name, surname1, surname2, surname, fullname, birthdate, birth_day, birth_month, birth_year, gender, bloodtype

and associate them to the fields of your form. The “hide scan element text field” option will allow you to print the value captured after scanning, and will be useful during the configuration stage of your form.

Use through API

The internal configuration of the form so that you can make use of the scan functionality must incorporate the following metadata.

"key" : "<your_key_id>",
"type" : "scan",
"label" : "<your_label_text>",
"size" : "<your_size>",
"scanTypes" : [ "PDF417" ],
"scanHideTextfield" : false|true,
"scanExpression" : "<your_expression>"

JSON Example

"key" : "cedula_scan",
"type" : "scan",
"label" : "Enfoca el código trasero de la cédula",
"size" : "100",
"scanTypes" : [ "PDF417" ],
"scanHideTextfield" : false,
"scanExpression" : "fullname|nombre_completo;number|cedula"


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