Types of electronic signature

In Viafirma we are specialists in the different types of electronic signature and its variants. We make sure that each signed document has legal validity, and for this reason we follow the EU eIDAS regulation, applicable to the rest of the countries in the world. According to this eIDAS Regulation, there are 3 types of signature according to the security level of each one of them.

Although they have different security levels, all three types are perfectly legal. Choosing one or another will depend on the specific use case, as well as the type of document to be signed. Here is an explanation of each type of electronic signature.

Simple electronic signature
One of the types of electronic signature is the simple electronic signature. It has a lower level of security since the user signs with data attached to other electronic data or logically associated with them (including them in the same document) which are used to sign. For legal purposes it is admissible evidence in court, although it may need to be supplemented with other evidence.

Example: When signing a digital document, you write your name or include an image of your signature at the end of the file in a PDF.
As your name and signature go inside the document, it is understood that logically you have included them, but there is no data to support that idea (anyone can edit a text or PDF, so scams are easy to perform).

Advanced electronic signature
The advanced electronic signature is uniquely linked to the signatory and allows the signatory to be identified. It is created using data that can be used with a high level of confidence and under exclusive control. It allows any subsequent modification to be detectable. It ensures the identity of the signatory and the integrity of the data, thus offering more legal guarantees.

As an example for this case, instead of signing by adding an image, you use a signature based on OTP (One-Time Password). This security system sends a one-time code to your cell phone to authenticate and sign a document online. As the code is only received by you on your phone and the document is then secured (it cannot be edited later), it is understood that the signature is linked to you.

Qualified electronic signature
The qualified electronic signature is created by means of a qualified electronic signature creation device and is based on a qualified certificate. It will have a legal effect equivalent to a handwritten one.

As an example for this type of electronic signature we give you the situation of signing on a Tablet of a bank for the signature of a mortgage. This device counts as a secure device and records the day, time and pressure of your signature (a biometric authentication data no one but you can reproduce it).

If you want to read more about the types of electronic signatures, see our article on the types of electronic signatures.


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