Viafirma Documents – Basic questions for developers

How are the calls between Front-end and Back-end (REST, SOAP…)?

Viafirma Documents API services require security, you can choose the following mechanisms:

  • OAuth v1
  • OAuth v2
  • Basic Authoritation

Once the signing process is over, what happens next?

Viafirma offers several automatic response mechanisms that we will tell you about below.

  • callbackURL
  • callbackURLAuthorization
  • callbackMails
  • callbackRedirectURL
  • callbackRedirectURLTargetWindow

For more information, see the related documentation on Auto-response Callback.

Once the signature request has been completed, does Viafirma store it on disk (archiving), and report back (call-back) with the result of the operation?

Correct, from Viafirma we automatically notify whoever has been defined in the application.

There are several options for defining what we call the “callBack”:

  • We post to a URL of your choice, we send you an email (or several comma-separated emails), an SMS or Whatsapp.
  • We put the document in an asynchronous transfer queue (e.g. to a document manager).

For the callback based on email response, we attach directly the signed PDF, and you could even decide if we send you in the body of the email the items used in the form (key/value). Of course, the aspect and content of all the emails generated by Viafirma during the whole life cycle are customisable.

As for the “disk storage”, it is configurable, we can save it or delete it automatically after a certain period of time.

Does Viafirma add the time stamp to the PDF document?

That’s right, in addition to the process of capturing evidence and signature, a time stamp is applied. This should be defined in the policy as there are signature policies with and without time stamps.

Does Viafirma electronically sign the PDF document?

Effectively, from the device we are using, the PDF with all the captured evidences is sent to Viafirma, where it is signed on the server (according to the policy defined for each case).


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