Does Viafirma Documents allow biometric evidence to be added to the document?

Yes, the solution allows the addition of a series of biometric evidences that can be attached to the signed data set depending on the associated signature policy:

Capture of photos of the signer or capture of other images that you wish to provide as evidence: identity documents, passports, vouchers, payslips, etc.
Geopositional Capture (GPS): Use of GPS to determine the location of the signer during the signature process.
Official Time Capture: Use of official time, through integration with an authorized TSA (Timestamping Authority).
Capture of biometric data related to the digitized signature or biometric signature, based on ISO/IEC: 19794-7:2014, and performed with “stylus” type devices that allow the capture of pressures with levels of up to 2048 points.
Capture biometric data related to fingerprint, performed with some mobile fingerprint readers with support for iOS and Android and in compliance with ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 ANSI 378 specifications.
The biometric data collected are encrypted and stored in a file that guarantees the confidentiality of its contents.


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