Viafirma Inbox – Frequent questions

  • Does Viafirma Inbox allow bulk signing?

Yes, Viafirma Inbox allows the user to sign in one go, saving time for managers and heads.

  • Does Viafirma Inbox support the digitized or biometric signature?

Yes, Viafirma Inbox supports the digitized or biometric signature, both in signature capture devices like Topaz or Wacom (compatible with desktop computers or Tablet PC) and in mobile devices.

  • Can we customize Viafirma Inbox?

Yes. It has a customizable interface option according to the corporate image needs.

  • Can Viafirma Inbox be integrated with my document management system to extract documents to be signed from there?

Yes, Viafirma Inbox is already integrated with ECS systems (Documentum, Sharepoint, Alfresco, Nuxeo, Filenet…) to extract files to be signed.

  • Where are documents and signatures stored in Viafirma Inbox?

Wherever you want. Viafirma Inbox allows to store documents in filesystems or ECM systems.

  • Does Viafirma Inbox classify signature requests for their easy searching?

Yes. Viafirma Inbox has advanced classification signature requests: new, standby, pending, rejected, expired, finished, etc…

  • Can the user delegate the signature with Inbox?

Yes, Viafirma Inbox allows temporary signature delegation with different access filters and permissions.

  • What notification method does Viafirma Inbox use?

Viafirma Inbox notifies users via email whenever they must be involved in the signing process, when someone has signed, for approval or rejection, when the request has expired, etc. It also notifies the user by using the app’s calendar.

  • Does Viafirma Inbox allow verification of authentic copies?

Yes. Viafirma Inbox includes authentic copy verification services by using our authentication and digital signature platform,Viafirma Platform.

  • Does Viafirma Inbox include some kind of calendar that allow me to see all my pending documents?

Yes, Viafirma Inbox includes a visual work calendar with task control, expiration notice of signature processes.

  • Does Viafirma Inbox support the cloud signature?

Yes. When associated with Viafirma Fortress, our centralized signature or signature in the cloud platform.

  • What signature formats does Viafirma Inbox support?

Viafirma Inbox supports the most widespread signature formats: PAdES (PDF signatures) and XAdES (XML signatures)

  • What exactly is Inbox signature workflows ?

One of the most powerful features of Viafirma Inbox is to set signature workflows, which visually allows you to manage and create serial signature workflows (requiring a structured order), parallel signature ( in any order) or mixed. These workflows can be as complex or simple as you want. It also allows the approval option without the need of a signature.

It also allows the dynamic search of signatories belonging to a group, have a position, evaluation of managers, subordinates, etc.


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