What is an authentication factor?

This is a method to confirm a user’s identity using something they know (password), something they are or possess.

  • What is an SMS token-based authentication factor?

It consists of the notification to the user by Viafirma Fortress by SMS, of a password type OTP (One-Time-Password) necessary for the use of their certificates. Several providers are supported for sending SMS.

  • ¿Qué es un factor de autenticación basado en token OTP?

Consiste en la generación de un código de seguridad válido durante treinta segundos (OTP = One Time Password).

Para hacer uso de este tipo de factor es necesario disponer de la aplicación de Viafirma (totalmente personalizable con logotipo y nombre del cliente en caso de licencia).

o bien usar Google Authenticator.

  • What is an Email token-based authentication factor?

In this case, Viafirma Fortress notifies the user’s email account the second factor necessary for the use of its certificates in the form of an OTP token (one-time-password).

  • What is a PIN-based factor?

This is a personal 4-digit code that the certificate holder chose at the time of generating/storing the certificate in Viafirma Fortress

  • What is a password-based factor?

This is a password chosen by the certificate holder, which must comply with the length and robustness defined in the usage policies.

  • ¿Qué es un factor basado en LDAP/Active Directory?

It is the authorization of the use of the certificate based on user/password access in your corporate LDAP/Active Directory.

  • What is a fingerprint-based factor?

Fingerprint readers will allow users to authenticate or sign electronically with certificates held by Fortress.
To make use of this protection factor we must have a record of footprints of authorized users

Viafirma Fortress has support for Tactivo mobile readers for iOS and Android from Precise Biometrics, with capture of templates in ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 and ANSI 378 formats. It also has the support of desktop readers designed for the processes of enrollment of identities in registration booths.


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