Where is the electronic signature created when I use a digital certificate?

Are you wondering where the electronic signature is created? When we use a digital certificate to sign our documents, the electronic signature is mainly done in one of these 2 locations:

  • On the user’s device.
  • In the server.

Everything will depend on where the digital certificate used is hosted.

If our certificate is stored in our smartphone, the signature will be executed in our device.

The digital certificate can be located/located/installed in different places:

  • Installed on our mobile device or computer.
  • On a smartcard.
  • Hosted on a server because we have previously uploaded it there.
  • In a HSM server where it has been generated and is stored.

Finally, our centralized signature platform Viafirma Fortress allows you to store certificates in an ultra-secure HSM and delegate it to third parties, allowing you to sign from any device and place.


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