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Streamlining HR operations thanks to new technologies

The human resources department is responsible for dealing with employees from the first stages of the talent recruitment process until they stop being part of the company. As you know, throughout this process, an employee has to sign different documents, which, in many cases, are lost, delayed, etc. Technology is the perfect ally to speed up these procedures. We tell you how the digital signature can help HR to facilitate all their work and improve the overall operation of the company.

In an increasingly globalized world and in which competition is greater and more fierce, it is important to use any tool at our disposal, which can make a difference with respect to the rest.

As you know, digital transformation involves the digitization of most processes in a business, and human resources are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the implementation of processes that streamline bureaucratic processes in virtual environments, which in many cases slowed down other areas as important or more for the development and growth of the company.

In addition, the application in all departments is part of the same concept of digital transformation, whose goal is to change everything in a radical way, and not only introduce new processes, but to modify the culture and the way in which you work to get the most out of it maximum benefit of new technologies. In today’s case we will focus on the human resources department.

The digital transformation in Human Resources

Berta Durán, director of culture and talent in Orange, already expressed the importance of this change in the forum “The digital transformation and its impact on human resources”, defining it as “one of the three strategic axes of the company”.

According to the second study on digital transformation in human resources departments carried out by Incipy in Spain, 60% of the companies surveyed (85% of them with more than one hundred employees) had started a transformation process in that area of the company and 19% are very advanced. Only 7% do not consider it a priority.

The digital transformation has tools that can help the activities and daily obligations of a human resources department, such as the digital signature, which greatly facilitates their work when collecting the necessary signatures of employees, without having to be continuously behind them.

Use cases: the digital signature in the HR department

The first contact that Human Resources have with a potential new employee of the company is during the recruitment process. Although much of the effort is made within this department, there are also others involved who must participate, so the digital signature greatly facilitates these communications and makes everything more fluid and faster.

Thus, contracts, confidentiality agreements and other important documents can be signed instantly, without the need for everyone involved to be in the same place. The procedures are resolved faster, allowing the department to dedicate that time saved in other obligations.

In addition, the use of technology projects an image of a modern and advanced company, which helps the new employee to feel better, even more so as little by little digital natives begin to enter the labor market.

The need to sign documents quickly and efficiently does not end at the time of entering the company, but continues throughout the working life until this professional relationship is over.

Through the Human Resources department, a large number of documents are passed, such as payrolls, withdrawals, contracts, etc. The larger the size of the company, the load will be bigger. Thanks to this digitalization, not only this process is easier, but it saves a lot of paper expenses and the organization of all this documentation is improved.

This responsibility with the environment reverberates, once again, in the image projected by the company and has a positive result in the perception that the rest has about it, be it a candidate or a person outside the organization.

The cost savings are not only in material, but also in the simplification of processes, since what previously needed several pages to deliver to several people from different departments now is only an email or a simple announcement on the mobile addressed to all parties involved.

In addition, they have other added advantages such as the universal signature. This concept seeks to offer the greatest possible accessibility, without the need to invest large amounts of money. Thanks to the universal signature, the user can sign from any device (whether computer, smartphone or tablet, no matter what its manufacturer) and from any operating system.

All these processes have a full legal guarantee thanks to Regulation No. 910/2014 of the European Union, which establishes that Member States must “recognize the means of electronic identification of natural and legal persons and a legal framework for electronic signatures, electronic stamps, etc. ” Anyone who uses the viafirma solution is fully supported by the law within the European market.

In short, the digital signature translates into a series of important advantages for the Human Resources department of any company and is an essential part of the digital transformation.

The use of the digital signature reduces the dependence on paper, which improves organization and reduces costs. In addition, the processes that require the signing of one or more people are simplified and accelerated, and, ultimately, everything has an impact on a greater efficiency of the general operation and the projection of an image of an innovative company.


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