Viafirma Documents: what is it and why it can make your business more profitable

Digital transformation is pushing more companies to focus on automating their business process to be more productive, efficient and more competitive while constantly improving their products and services. Digital signatures are tools that will help handle complex processes. This article explains how Viafirma Documents uses the digital signature and how it can help your business.

We are immersed in a time where a digital transformation strategy is essential for the proper functioning of companies. This transformation seeks to take advantage of the current technology and internalize it within the system and business culture, duplicating the physical business model in the digital environment.

Digital transformation is something that companies are becoming more aware of. However, there is still a long way to go, as it is reflected in the report of ESIC’s digital economy institute. This report states that there is still an important gap between what companies and entrepreneurs say and what they actually do.


As we already mentioned, digital signatures play a key role when going digital, and therefore Viafirma Documents is able to provide the perfect solution for those who seek a mobile solution

Viafirma Documents: What is it and how does it work?

Viafirma Documents is a cloud tool that allows eSigning documents without the need to print or scan them. Depending on the device used, it supports qualified or biometric signatures.

It works as a gateway between the company’s backoffice and the end user. This includes eSignature features, back end for using the service and customization of the client app for iOS, Android and Windows.

It has several input channels for the documents that need to be signed: a PDF generated by a third party, a data cloud next to the template identifier that becomes a PDF file, a form in which the data is entered and generates the document to be signed and, finally, the mixed method that combines the previous two (partial data cloud plus a form to request more).

Thus, this allows eSigning remotely and in person, on any device, allowing signatories to sign on-the-go.

The concept universal signature seeks to be compatible with all devices. This, in turn, is born from the philosophy of Technological Neutrality, which is “the freedom of choice for individuals and organizations to find the most appropriate technology suited to their needs”.

The objective of the universal signature is to place the user in the middle and give them all the possible facilities so that they can choose whatever suits them. Therefore, the universal signature can be used on any device, operating system and wherever.

The eSignature has the same legal validity as the wet signature, but it can also include evidence to the document (e.g., image attachments, location and time of the signature, biometric data, etc).

What are the advantages of eSigning?

  • Reducing paper use
  • Saving management time
  • Avoids delays
  • Reduces travelling
  • Simplifies the handling of documents

One of the main advantages of using documents is mobility. Traditionally, the signing of documents had to be in the same room and where all the interested parties had to agree. Thanks to this technology, these meetings are not necessary since you are free of this type of restrictions. You can sign whenever and and wherever you want.

This also means a considerable saving of time for all parties, since it is not necessary to travel or wait for long lines to perform certain procedures. This is useful when carrying out operations with the Public Administration, where there are many bureaucratic obstacles.

The E-Administration seeks to solve this type of problem to make these processes simpler and faster, without causing so much inconvenience to the citizen. All this is possible thanks to the electronic signature, which allows the user to be identified and give their consent without the need to travel.

Not only companies save time, but also costs and resources. This is one of the main reasons why businesses are starting to go digital, as it involves in savings in both paper and administrative procedures.

Not only does it have an impact on the economy. Handling documents digitally enables filing and finding documents quicker and easier, preventing the loss of documents and saving space in the offices.

Documents is a very handy tool that can be used in many sectors. For example, its main advantages fit perfectly with the sector of laboratories, one that is very bureaucratic and requires many authorizations and approval process, which may end up damaging the work. And others such as human resources, law, distribution companies, retail, expanding businesses, companies that close many businesses in trade fairs and commercial trips, etc.

The mobility provided by the solution allows approvals to not delay the entire process more than necessary. In addition, the push notifications engine enables the responsible person to receive a notification at the same time that the document is ready to sign (or has been signed by the other party).

In short, Viafirma Documents is an integrated solution within the digital transformation and digitalization, two processes whose adoption will be mandatory in a few years (due to the increase in the competitiveness of companies that do) and its acceptance at present It is beyond doubt.

With all this, this solution offers its users all the advantages of mobility and everything that derives from it and work digitally, such as saving time, costs and resources and increasing overall efficiency of the company.


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