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Are you wondering what support the signature can offer for laboratories? One of the main problems faced by laboratories is the high level of bureaucratization for any process, as there are numerous obstacles for the commercialization of any drug.

Viafirma’s signature for laboratories avoids wasting critical time in inefficient processes, such as sending documents by fax or organizing physical documents, which delay the arrival of medicines to patients.

The laboratory signature: A solution to optimize processes

As we mentioned before, it takes a lot of time to work with large volumes of documentation, since in many cases errors or delays occur, even making the information obsolete. Examples include patient data, tests, investigations, process reviews and authorizations.

This sector requires a highly collaborative environment as some processes depend on others to move forward and oversight and approval can further slow down research.

Digital transformation is one of the keys to success in this industry. Simple steps such as the approval of a document or its signature can become difficult and jeopardize the entire process. Viafirma offers solutions that go hand in hand with any digitization process, allowing to automate any bureaucratic process that requires consent by any of the parties, making them cease to be an obstacle in workflows.

Does it comply with industry regulations?

Thanks to new technological advances, any contract can be formulated digitally and the traditional handwritten signature can also be manifested with our electronic alternative wherever you are.

Within the territory of the European Union, Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council (eIDAS) is the legislation that is responsible for regulating and defining 3 types of electronic signature within its member countries:

  • Simple: This refers only to the electronic data used by the signatory to carry out the signature. Although it is perfectly legal and can be presented in court, it may require additional evidence because it is the least secure option possible.
  • Advanced: Refers to a company that meets the conditions set forth in Article 26 of eIDAS, which are as follows:
    • The heading must be uniquely linked to the signatory.
    • It should allow identification.
    • The user must have control over the data used for its creation.
    • It must be possible to detect if there have been any subsequent modifications.
  • Qualified: This is an advanced electronic signature that has been created by means of a qualified device and with a qualified certificate. Its legal value is exactly identical to that of the traditional handwritten signature.

All of them are perfectly legal. Thus, any laboratory will be able to send to sign any contract telematically using any of them.

Lab testing Viafirma's signature for insurances

6 reasons to use our signature for laboratories

Next, we are going to list the main benefits of Viafirma’s signature for laboratories:

  • Increased document security and integrity. The content of this type of documents is very sensitive. We ensure that the signed electronic document cannot be altered, thus guaranteeing its authentication and the signer’s identity.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed. The contents of the document will only be disclosed to those authorized.
  • Elimination of paper. Being an industry where physical documentation abounds, the use of Viafirma’s signature for laboratories implies a decrease in information storage (physical space) and a reduction of expenses in file management procedures.
  • It avoids displacements and transfers. Viafirma is strongly committed to mobility, so you can sign or send documents for electronic signature with full legal guarantees from any device without the need of an electronic certificate.
  • Decrease of time in the execution of processes. Review and sign electronically wherever you are, avoiding printing and scanning documentation
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness of the company. Users prioritize those companies capable of managing procedures digitally, which will differentiate you from the competition


Versatile and secure signature solutions for your lab

The electronic signature is a fundamental piece of digitalization that will allow you to automate your work processes.

Our solutions meet the highest security requirements without the need of a digital certificate when signing or sending documents for signature. Viafirma Documents is one of these tools that has been born from the digital transformation and aims to streamline the processes of reviewing, signing and storing documents, especially those that have to go through several people, something very common in this industry.

In addition, it allows you to configure templates to avoid having to upload the same document to sign and allows you to incorporate a series of legal evidences to the document, such as a photo of the ID of the parties involved, the location in the formalization of the agreement or checkboxes to give consent to the clauses of the contract.


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