Signing with digital certificate on Android

Would you like your customers to be able to sign with a digital certificate on Android? Nowadays there are several alternatives that allow complex procedures to be carried out from a mobile device. However, the use of the certificate on these devices is currently quite limited.

In this context, we will explain how your customers can sign with digital certificate in Android any corporate procedure of your company using the tools offered by Viafirma.

Steps to install and be able to sign with digital certificate on Android

The certificate must be correctly installed on the device. To do this, we detail the steps to follow:

  1. We export the certificate to our computer
  2. We transfer the digital certificate (.p12 file format) to our Android device via Google Drive or personal email.
  3. We will open the email or Drive from our Android device and click on it.
  4. Enter the certificate password and it will be saved correctly.

How do I make my customers sign with a digital certificate on Android?

We understand that formalising contracts is not a simple task. Moreover, in the current economic climate, most clients prioritise those companies that are able to resolve complex procedures telematically.

If you are looking for an electronic signature solution for Android devices, we are sure that Viafirma will become your best ally. Our tool allows you to configure the signature request of a document so that it can only be signed with an Android digital certificate. Moreover, you will also be able to save contract templates so you don’t have to upload the same document every time you need to send it; which will speed up the finalisation of agreements with clients.

In addition, it allows for a series of mandatory evidences to be added to the document, such as a photo of the ID card of the intervening parties.

Android device about to sign with certificate

Simpler alternatives to signing with a certificate

Many citizens do not have a digital certificate as the process of obtaining one is quite complex.

Therefore, from Viafirma we have developed solutions to sign any type of document securely and 100% online without requiring an electronic certificate. These solutions are fully compliant with the requirements of the eIDAS regulation; the most demanding trust services standard associated with digital identity in the world.

Finally, our tool is suitable in face-to-face and telematic scenarios, where we recommend the use of biometric signature or SMS OTP respectively; offering very high levels of security and legality.


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