Success stories: Netcontent using Viafirma eSignature

Managing paper documents is by far one of the most time consuming tasks in any company. ECM solutions like Netcontent, together with Viafirma’s solutions for eSignature help to optimize these tasks.

What is Netcontent?

Netcontent is an enterprise content management, content intelligence and workflow management software that connects people, documents and applications in a secure, efficient and collaborative way.

This smart document management solution includes the ability to extract, recognize, classify and index data from any document using ABBYY ® technology. Through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and NPL, information is automatically recognized and validated based on predefined rules and external entities without required user interaction and then used in smart workflows and linked to the company’s software systems.

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Netcontent’s technology supports fully automated document workflows allowing access to your chosen collaborators to digitally manage, review, share and track the document workflow. Documents can be eSigned with international legal endorsement thanks to the integration with VIAFIRMA, covering every aspect of document management in one single tool.

Netcontent unleashes the digital transformation of your business by converting traditional manual and paper-based processes into efficient digital processes. Electronic document workflows boost productivity, enable better access to information and support collaborative work. These also include visual dashboards indicators based on data mining to measure the efficiency of the processes linked to the platform.

Netcontent main advantages

Below are some of its advantages:

  • Eliminates bureaucracy, paperwork and delays in authorizations, approvals, payments or signing important documents.
  • Offers a version for mobile devices. Tasks can be carried out anytime and anywhere.
  • Provides greater security and confidentiality, establishing different access policies for certain documents and processes between different users or groups.
  • Cuts down time in key processes. The ability to define templates and centralized storage system makes documents easily accessible.
  • No more manual tasks which slow down work teams. Netcontent lets you focus on tasks that boost innovation and company profits.
  • Allows employees to electronically sign any type of document without requiring an electronic certificate.
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Signing documents electronically with Netcontent

Day-to-day office life, remote work and the current COVID-19 situation makes it hard for companies to sign documents. All of this has encouraged businesses to accelerate their digital transformation process. Our electronic signature solution, integrated with Netcontent ECM simplifies the digitization strategy of any entity. For many companies, this integration has allowed them to successfully complete many deals with partners, customers and suppliers that required the signature of any of the parties involved.

To avoid unnecessary travel, documents can be digitally signed with OTP code that is sent to the signer’s cell phone or email. For on-site scenarios biometric signatures are the best option; this should be drawn on specific pads like Wacom, Topaz or iPad with a stylus pen that is capable of collecting a wealth of biometric data to uniquely identify the signer.

The electronic signature: A simple, optimal and user-friendly solution

Contrary to what people may think about electronic signatures, the reality is that their legal effects are equivalent or greater to the ones of handwritten signatures, as the latter can be easily forged.

They are becoming popular due to their commodity. They speed up any process that require authorization, they are legally valid in most countries and avoid any cost involved in printing, traveling and sending the documents.


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