Success stories with Viafirma: The Orihuela Conservatory of Music

Do you like music? In Viafirma we appreciate the order and harmony of a well represented symphony. But we like even more to be able to offer solutions to the slow times in the processes of the companies. One of these companies was the Professional Conservatory of Music of Orihuela.

The Orihuela Conservatory, an institution of elementary and professional education in dance and music, has been in operation for 41 years and has trained more than three generations of students. This Conservatory with 30 employees offers many opportunities for its students to play in concerts and auditions. This advantage for its students is a puzzle for every multiple signature they had to make. The root of the problem? The signing of documents by several people who had to be constantly reminded and the resulting slow turnaround times.

Que lo único que requiera tiempo sea la redacción de canciones, automatiza tu firma hoy.

An automated signature solution

Now, thanks to Viafirma, they have improved their administrative capacity with the electronic signature by app (available for all mobile operating systems!). When the music falls silent and it is time to sign documents for parents and students of legal age, those in charge of the administration no longer have to, according to them, “be on top of the users to get each person to sign the document if it passes through several hands”. They say that the best tune is the one that plays by itself, so with document signing the same thing happens, and it has the added benefit of increasing organizational efficiency.

If you are interested in this type of time optimization solutions when signing, among our digital solutions we have the new system of massive sending of signatures. This system allows you to send signature requests to multiple recipients from a given list.

Regardless of whether you are more into baroque melodies or contemporary compositions, bring your business and administrative capacity into the 21st century(21) with digital signature. 

The implementation of the electronic signature at the Orihuela Conservatory has made a significant difference in its daily operations. The Orihuela Conservatory, an institution with a history of 41 years, has found in Viafirma the perfect solution to streamline its administrative processes.


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