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The digitization of Tecnología Inmobiliaria

Tecnología Inmobiliaria (Real Estate Technology) is a Colombian company founded in 1972, dedicated to the leasing of business properties and storage warehouses in the city of Bogota and surrounding areas. Currently, more than 80 companies have relied on its properties, which meet the highest standards of efficiency, functionality and security, providing productive spaces.

We tell you how the digital signature helped, with great results, this company.

Digital signature in the real estate sector

The digital signature for real estate is revolutionizing the sector. And no wonder. It speeds up the formalization of purchase and rental documents, especially when the parties are not in the same place. With a simple integration, it is the ideal digital solution for:

  • Save time and costs. The costs of printing, mailing and storing real estate contracts are eliminated. Because of the contract, you can allocate time to more complex tasks that really require it.
  • Spend more time with the client and less time on paperwork. For real estate agents, this translates into the possibility of expanding their client portfolio and going beyond their usual area.
  • Avoid travel. By using a digital solution, it is possible to sign from anywhere, without the need to go to the real estate agency to close the contract.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition. In such a globalized world, any added value positions you better in the market, transmitting a modern and up-to-date image to the outside world.

Little by little, real estate companies are appreciating the great advantages of this technological solution, and are incorporating them into their digital transformation process. This is what happened to Tecnología Inmobiliaria (Real Estate Technology).

The digitization of Tecnología Inmobiliaria

They wanted to become digital and discovered Viafirma 

As a company, they were slowing down some of the processes they carried out on a daily basis. This was because they were not using the best tools. They needed to make the leap to digital.

To be specific, their problem was in the signing process. When it came to managing and signing contracts, they did it by handwriting. Although, from their experience and for the organization it was a safer process, it forced them to invest a lot of time and travel. In short, they needed the signing process to be much faster.

After researching several options of online tools, they came to Viafirma. And, since then, the experience they live themselves and offer to their clients has changed positively.

They have been able to speed up the signing process and offer a more optimal experience to their customers

After testing our tools for a while, Tecnologia Inmobiliaria highlights how Viafirma is the ideal solution for the problems they had to face before. In practice, they are using it to sign most of the leasing contracts, facilitating and speeding up the signing process, and offering a more optimal experience to their clients and employees.

No more unnecessary travel, and they can spend their time on more complex tasks. With signature flow, they can also sign in parallel.

So significant is the change that Viafirma’s solutions have brought with them that, nowadays, they have become indispensable for their daily operations:

“We were looking for a tool to sign leasing contracts, but it is not something massive. Viafirma offers us the prepaid option, which is ideal for us”, Daniel Humberto, Commercial Manager of Tecnología Inmobiliaria.


Viafirma, your technological solution in the real estate sector

Do you work in the real estate sector and need a digital signature solution that adapts to your needs? Viafirma can offer you management tools that will help you to complete your processes, from a different perspective:

  • Legal
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Intuitive for customers

Contact us and we will show you how we can help you.


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