The digitalization of Grupo Santamaría

Founded more than 35 years ago, Grupo Santamaría is a company dedicated to integral consulting in the real estate sector. Although it specializes in the promotion and commercialization of national and international projects, its mission goes beyond the real estate transaction: Grupo Santamaría seeks to generate differentiating benefits for its clients, contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

We tell you how incorporating the digital signature in the real estate sector helped, with great results, this business.

They needed a solution to advance their digital processes and discovered Viafirma.

The electronic signature in the real estate sector has multiple applications, such as signing rental contracts. Digital signature solutions facilitate these transactions, with positive benefits such as:

  • Immediately close deals, increasing business conversations.
  • Improve client satisfaction, offering a faster and more convenient service.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel, saving time, costs and material.

Although not all companies are aware of the possibilities of electronic signatures, at the organizational level there are often needs (processes often require too many steps or the customer may take too long to sign, for example) that make them look for solutions to streamline their processes and facilitate their digital transformation.

The digitalization of Grupo Santamaría

Grupo Santamaria was a case of companies that need to advance in digital processes as a service company:.

Before knowing Viafirma, we had difficulties in our day-to-day business management. We had a high level of delay in the closing of business deals due to the need to physically sign the documents.

Ricardo Mejía, Commercial Manager

They obtained great business and social results.

In retrospect, when asking Grupo Santamaría about the results obtained, they highlight how Viafirma’s digital solution has been the tool with which they have managed to accelerate their digital transformation process. Now, the aforementioned daily difficulties of running a business have been left behind.

Viafirma’s electronic signature solution has had a positive and tangible impact on Grupo Santamaría’s key processes. With a simple and fast integration, they have obtained greater operational efficiency. In addition, by opting for digital solutions, they have indirectly helped to reduce their carbon footprint, positioning themselves as an environmentally responsible and innovative company compared to the competition.

Viafirma, your technological solution in the real estate sector.

Do you want to incorporate a digital signature solution in your real estate? Viafirma can offer you management systems that will help you to speed up your processes, from a perspective:

  • Legal
  • Efficient
  • Safe for your clients
  • And now also from the comfort of WhatsApp

Contact us and we will show you how we can help you.


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