The importance of digital signature

Have you ever thought about the importance of the digital signature at the organizational level? For some time now, more and more people are using digital signatures. Companies and governments are gradually going digital with this tool, being now able to sign a document from the comfort of your computer or cell phone, anywhere and anytime. All this in a secure, efficient and fast way.

What is the importance of the digital signature? What is it for?

In this corporate and institutional digitalization, advances are emerging through the development of software that allows recording the step by step of each operation. This provides a detailed history of each signature process.

The latest breakthrough in these technologies is our new tool for sending signature requests via WhatsApp.

Thanks to these advances, we can make use of the digital signature for different procedures, being some of them:

  • Contract signatures.
  • Corporate processes.
  • Contracting insurance.

What results can I expect from using electronic signatures at the corporate or institutional level?

First, a positive impact on your organization

With what we have seen so far, you might think that the only benefit of using electronic signatures is the digitization of the company or institution. And, although this is clearly one of its benefits, the electronic signature implies much more.

Did you know that organizations that integrate electronic signatures as a tool obtain an increase in productivity? With the technological advances offered by electronic signature solutions, transaction management becomes faster, achieving one of the most important business objectives.


In addition, by using digital software to process signatures and not needing so much paper, there is a saving in the costs of material used and in the physical space for storing documents. Consequently, organizations that integrate digital signatures are environmentally committed organizations.

But above all a greater satisfaction of your clients .

As we have mentioned, we can have direct benefits in the organization such as economic cost savings, an increase in productivity or process efficiency.

However, who really analyzes and appreciates greater security in this way of working is the client. A large percentage of customers value positively that corporations are digitalized with the electronic signature, since, with it, the procedures become faster and easier to complete.

The experience of the end user or client with respect to the company becomes more positive. In Viafirma, we facilitate the user experience in companies with our solutions, through a process as simple as sending an electronic signature request:

Learn the importance of digital signature with Viafirma, your technological solution.

Viafirma develops its own software specialized in electronic signature solutions, complying with international standards.

If you want to learn more about our solutions, contact us and we will show you how we can help you.


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