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Send your electronic signature requests by WhatsApp with Viafirma

Discover a new way to manage your electronic signature processes using WhatsApp as an intermediary channel. With Viafirma, now you can perform this procedure with the legality of the elDAS regulation from your mobile quickly. We are Qualified Service Providers of the European Union, which guarantees the validity and security of your electronic signatures. We facilitate the user experience, giving you the comfort you need to carry out your electronic signature requests from your cell phone.

Start accelerating business processes with the innovative digital signature tool developed by Viafirma. This solution allows you to request signatures of contracts and documents to your customers or employees and send it to their phones to access the signature via WhatsApp, simplifying the process and improving efficiency.

Do you want to incorporate this feature in your business? Find out how it works and what are the steps to follow in the following video:

Why you should send an electronic signature request byWhatsApp? 

You already know how to implement the new functionality to send electronic signature requests via Viafirma’s WhatsApp. But, why should you use this channel to send your signature requests?

Read on and see for yourself why WhatsApp can become your best ally for sending electronic signature requests:

A simpler and faster process for your user.

Opting for WhatsApp as a communication channel is appropriate when we have or want to build a close relationship with clients, as it helps us to foster loyalty by keeping in touch with them and sending them communications.

In this case, when sending the electronic signature requests by WhatsApp, the user only has to enter a link that he receives, totally secure, and that redirects him to Viafirma’s application. There he/she will be able to review and sign the documents at the moment, and you will receive notifications of the whole signature process. Signing important documents is reduced to a simple and fast step like this.

World’s leading messaging application.

According to a study by We Are Social and Hootsuite on trends in social networks, more than 35 million Spaniards (91% of the population) used WhatsApp daily in 2022. The business version of the app, WhatsApp Business, is equally accepted at the corporate level: more than 70% of companies use it to communicate with their customers, rating it as “fundamental” due to its high efficiency rates (HubSpot). As for customers, 7 out of 10 prefer to communicate with companies via WhatsApp.

Percentage distribution of WhatsApp users in Spain in 2023, by frequency of use. Source: Statista

Grow your analytics open rate.

Did you know that a user is 80% more likely to open a message if you send it to them via WhatsApp than via email? Living at a fast pace at work, with constant meetings and tasks, sometimes emails end up at the bottom of our inbox, without having read them beforehand. But we see a WhatsApp message, whoever it is from.

If you want to achieve a greater reach of users globally, WhatsApp is your option. Could there be anything better? We have already talked about the speed gained in transactions, but there are also other complementary benefits: it helps to expand contact lists, close new sales or maintain contact with users, whether they are current or potential customers. Actions that, in short, translate into proper and effective relationship management.

What do you need to start sending electronic signature requests via WhatsApp? .

Registered in Meta Business Suite.

To send electronic signature requests to your clients or employees, the first step is to register your company in the Meta Business Suite environment. With this registration you will get the required access to be able to send notifications from the Meta platform.

But we know it can be a complicated process. To make it easier for you to implement this new functionality, you can book a meeting with our sales representatives. They will provide you with a personalized tutorial on how to enroll in the Partner program.

Transparent rates

We seek complete peace of mind for our clients. Therefore, we provide you with transparency on fees, so you can feel secure when choosing our electronic signature services, with no surprises later on.

We will implement a one-time upfront payment for template setup and the actual launch of the notification service. Once this payment is completed, the expenses associated to the sending of notifications will be reflected in your Meta account. No additional charges from Viafirma.

Do you want to calculate how much it would cost each notification sent by WhatsApp? Here we leave you the calculator so you can check the rates for each conversation (in this case, the cost of service message and authentication). On average, it would be equivalent to €0.03, a cheaper rate than that offered by the competition.

If you already have a Meta Business Suite account, you can activate the notification system instantly, and with all the legal validity of the European Union.

Book your meeting and increase your business efficiency!.


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