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The list of companies in all sectors that rely on Viafirma keeps on growing

During the first half of 2019, many companies have wanted to invest in the digital transformation of their business processes via digital signature and have decided to go hand in hand with Viafirma. Sectors ranging from technology, cybersecurity or consulting to publishing, civil engineering, stock exchange, customs, funeral or agri-food.. This variety shows that regardless of their individual fields businesses are more aware of the importance of digitizing their business processes and the benefits of the digital signature.

Financial and health companies are continuing to grow. In the financial sector some of the companies that we can highlight are CCI broker (puesto de bolsa) in Dominican Republic or Negotiating Agency (Reacts Group) in Spain. Regarding the health sector, hospitals such as Torrejón, Grupo Ribera Salud, the Association of Pharmacists in Teruel and our regular customer SERGAS (Servizo Galego de Saúde).

The amendment of the European legislative framework with the emergence of regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have required greater protection of the interests of users, as with informed consent by which many companies, large and small, turn continuously to Viafirma.

The Spanish Public Administration continues to invest in the digitization of its cities. They have placed their trust in Viafirma from north to south, from the Provincial Council of Cadiz to the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona or Izenpe, the Balearic Island’s Port Authority (APB) and the autonomous city of Ceuta with Proceso Sociedad de Desarrollo de Ceuta. Also in Latin America with the recent incorporation of the Dominican Republic Customs Authority of and the inclusion of the signature in the electronic invoice in the Directorate-General of Internal Revenue Service in Dominican Republic. All these are just some of the Administrations that have relied on Viafirma solutions during the first semester. There are many others, both in Europe and Latin America that have been using our solutions for many years and consider us, in light of recent public tenders, as leading firms in this industry.

Although we have several powerful telecommunication multinationals in our client porfolio, we didn’t have any customers dedicated to the creation of multimedia content until we added Radiotelevisión Española to our client list. This year Secuoya, Grupo de Comunicación also joined our clientele.

Other sectors that can be highlighted are the automotive and construction industries, as well as European companies in the military sector. For confidentiality reasons we cannot disclose the names of some of our customers or the specific services that we offer them, but it’s impressive the level of flexibility of Viafirma to adapt to the needs of any sector no matter how unique or specialized they can be.

Viafirma believes in partnership for innovation as business driver to progress (blue ocean strategy). In this regard, it is worth mentioning the importance of how companies and agencies in the cybersecurity and digital identity sector (i.e: Thomas-Signe in Colombia or Indotel regulatory body Digital Signature in Dominican Republic) rely on us upon all the market options.

These are only some of the firms that currently trust Viafirma, many of which are national or world-leaders in their fields. But we must not forget that there are a huge number of SMEs in our trading portfolio (i.e: small car dealerships, clinics, training classrooms, shops, couriers, which benefit from the same safety and usability as big companies do with our solutions).

It has certainly been a great first half year where we continue to take giant steps towards digitizing and securing companies in Europe and Latinamerica. Thank you very much for trusting Viafirma.


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