Types of digital signature

There are 6 different types of digital signature offered by Viafirma, each one suited to each requirement.

Wondering how to digitally transform your business to speed up processes? You can start by integrating eSignatures into your operations to close deals faster. In this post you will learn to differentiate the different types of digital signature and when to use each of them

Why should you adopt digital signatures?

Digital transformation has brought many advantages and changes in the way we work and do business. Companies are getting rid of traditional paper-based processes and digital solutions are emerging. Administrative procedures are now easier and faster and wet signatures are being replaced by electronic signatures.

On the other hand, eSignatures help secure your agreements. Once approved they cannot be altered, ensuring document authentication and signatory identity.

According to eIDAS Regulation, digital signatures are legally valid and can be used to sign contracts online, therefore this tool has become more important in the business world.

Which laws regulate electronic signatures?

eSignatures are fully supported by current laws in practically every country.

eIDAS Regulation, the most demanding European regulation in terms of electronic identification and trust services regulates the use of electronic signatures in Europe. Furthermore, it is also the legal model for most Latin American countries.

Viafirma digital signature types

In addition to cost savings, users can reach agreements on-the-go. This is a major advantage for the sales team, especially for those who travel most of the time.

Below are the different types of digital signature offered by Viafirma:

Types of digital signature supported by Viafirma

Send and sign contracts online to boost efficiency

Viafirma helps you develop a winning digital transformation strategy, turning paper-basedtedious paperwork into efficient digital processes.

We help you pick the best eSignature to automate your agreement process. Create templates to prevent you from uploading the same document every time you wish to send it for signature.

Our backend allows senders to request legal evidence from signers (ID picture, voice message, video, etc), setting signing orders between signatories or sending stacks of documents for signature in one go.


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