Version 3.7.86

DB Version: 0.0.131 – Viafirma Core version: 2.3.216 – Writing module 1.4.3 – Trail: 1.0.5

What’s new in the writing module?

More information on the final signature screen

After completing a signature request, you can now check the status of all documents in the request and download them from a single screen.

Clicking on a document card opens a side panel with signer information, completed fields and actions to download the document and its signature audit.

Corrections and improvements

  • Veridas available as identity verification provider.
  • [API] Added optional mailCc and mailBcc properties in the description of a recipient to send notification emails to other addresses as carbon copy or hidden carbon copy.
  • When downloading a signed document from the panel, the file name defined in the callbackMailFilename property will be used if it exists.
  • Adjustments to the positioning of fields on pages of a PDF that are rotated.
  • The ZIP file is now downloaded correctly when using the “Download Attachments” button in the detail of a request.
  • When logging into the Documents mobile app for the first time, pending requests that the user has already received are now correctly displayed.
  • It is no longer possible to create an application with a deadline prior to the current time.


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