Version 3.7.87

Date: 01/02/2024

DB Version: 0.0.131 – Viafirma Core version: 2.3.216 – Writing module 1.5.1 – Trail: 1.0.5

What’s new in the writing module?

Use of forms in mass applications

When sending bulk signature requests, you can now fill in a form from the CSV.

Clicking the “Download sample file” button will add as many columns to the CSV file as there are fillable fields in the form. This way, you can give different values to each recipient.

Massive unattended signature

By setting the notification mode to none on all CSV recipients, the files will be signed automatically without their intervention (unattended signature), and they will receive an email with a copy of their signed documents.

If you combine these two functionalities, you can send the same base document that arrives personalized and signed automatically to each recipient’s email.

New field: Identity verification

You can now require a signer to undergo a video verification of identity before agreeing to sign a document. A check mark will appear on the document indicating the result of the validation.

To use this option, your group must have contracted and configured a verification provider such as Veridas or MetaMap.


  • In step 4 “Summary”, it is shown more clearly when the document is signed unattended.
  • It is now allowed to send a request when, when using a template, there is a code field with an email or phone number already defined.
  • It is now allowed to send a request when a form variable is specified instead of a phone number.


  • Fixed a problem when retrieving a draft of an application started with a template.
  • Fixed a problem with previewing form values on the document.
  • It is now possible to add text and date boxes in documents that include an embedded form (Acroform) when the “Do not fill in” option is selected.
  • Fixed a bug where the option “Notify you when everyone has signed” of a signer was not saved in the draft.

Corrections and improvements

  • Corrections on the signature page when multiple positions are reported for the form.
  • Improved error handling when verifying identity with Veridas.
  • Correcting errors in PDF documents with Acrofields.
  • Improvements in certificate management.
  • Improved user experience on the signature page.
  • [API] New service to reject a SET and create a draft.


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