Version 3.7.88

Date: 01/02/2024

DB Version: 0.0.132 – Viafirma Core version: 2.3.217 – Writing module 1.5.1 – Trail: 1.0.5

Corrections and improvements


  • Implemented an improved and simpler certificate signature mode selection screen.
  • Added an option menu when filling in a form: it is now possible to save the progress to resume it later, and to delete the current progress.
  • Improved error handling in identity verification processes with Veridas: added messages instructing the user on the cause and solution of verification problems.
  • Improved management when there are several documents that have not yet been completed.
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect welcome or completion messages.
  • Fixed several errors that caused that the screens to fill in the information of the document did not appear.
  • Fixed an application error when previewing a document that was part of a batch signature.
  • Improvements in the creation of PDFs with Acrofields.


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