Version 3.7.92

Date: 25/03/2024

DB Version: 0.0.134 – Viafirma Core version: 2.4.3 – Writing module 1.5.5– Trail: 1.0.5

Corrections and improvements

    •   Improved user experience for OTP type evidence.     New OTP signature screen  


    • Improved the experience when filling in a form when a drop-down field has a large number of options.
    • Improvements in error handling.
    • Improvements in the design of the signature page.
    • Improvements in sending set notifications for unattended signatures.
    • Corrections to the data shown in the signature audit.
    • Security improvements.
    • Signature page improvements. When we are in the forms section, the top bar with the option to preview, save, etc. will always remain visible.
    • [API] New service for retrying the upload of signed documents or attachments to the client’s transfer system.
    • Improvements to the signature audit to identify the type of notification sent.
    • Improvements in the detection of groupable fields for batch signing when these are defined in a template.


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