Viafirma adds new features to its technology

Since Thursday, July 30th, Viafirma Inbox v3.4.0 is available for all users of the cloud platform.

Viafirma’s technology is known for its constant evolution and updates to new needs arising from both its clients and the market, as well as for its continous improvements based on their innovative nature to provide the most comprehensive, reliable and secure solution on the market. 

With these new upgrades published on July 30th, 2020, users from Inbox will be able to enjoy the following features:

  • New callback management to add new or edit existing callbacks.
  • New type of post callback.
  • Improved callback authentication.
  • Consultation page for callbacks.
  • Automated and manual callback retries.
  • Optimized sending of notifications.
  • Removal of existing notification levels (high, medium, low and newsletter). The user can now individually select the notifications they wish to receive.
  • New setting to include the signed document as an email attachment for completing a request.
  • Allows to set use permissions for server-based signatures.
  • Improved callbacks.
  • Improved notifications.
  • Option to specify unregistered email addresses on the app for internal communication recipients.
  • Customization of individual seals for external users.
  • OTP mail esignature from the app.
  • Audit log: New audit log for text message and email signatures.
  • Allows to sign PDF documents with XAdES signature.
  • Supports XSIG extension files like XML files and not binary files for local certificate and cloud signing.

Further updates include a new combo in the user list to filter by user type, another filter in the advanced search to search by request status, a signature stamp for signed documents when a signature workflow is changed by removing the last signatory, etc.

In case you are a user of Viafirma, you can now request the upgrade on your license. Please contact the support channel for additional information.


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