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Vimart G&T’s Digitization

Vimart G&T is an energy services provider founded in 2021, which originally began its journey in the field of processing energy efficiency grants. However, almost a year ago they began to reorient the business towards consulting and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable installations, as well as the Administration of Energy Communities. Its purpose is to become a Community Transformation office for the promotion and dynamization of communities.

We tell you how it helped, with great results, to incorporate the electronic signature in the energy sector to this company.

Electronic signature in the energy sector

Did you know that electronic signatures in the energy sector have positive repercussions not only for the present, but also for the future? With simple integration, it is the ideal digital solution for:

  • Provide a comprehensive 360º vision of the business, facilitating decision making.
  • Be a decisive factor in achieving environmental goals, such as tripling renewable energy capacity to 11,000 GW by 2023.
  • Promote sustainability by using digital tools and reducing unnecessary travel to sign documents.

With these points in mind, it seems logical that the development of electronic signatures has revolutionized and transformed the way in which energy trading companies carry out their transactions. However, not all companies in the sector are aware of the need to integrate this technological solution until they are affected by problems that hinder their daily processes. This is what happened to Vimart G&T.

Vimart G&T’s Digitization

Vimart G&T wanted to rethink their signature tools and discovered Viafirma.

Vimart G&T was a case of companies needing to advance their digital processes. Specifically, they felt they needed to rethink their signature processes and tools. Since the founding of the company, they had followed a handwritten signature system, but it was not an efficient way of managing it and, in addition, it did not have legal guarantees. In short, it was a system with which they had problems.

For that reason, they decided to incorporate a provider to perform remote electronic signatures for their clients’ help requests. In their search they discovered Viafirma and, for them, it was a before and after in their strategy.

Achieved efficient results for the environment and their customers

In retrospect, when asking Vimart G&T about their experience with us, they highlight how, although there is some room for improvement, the results obtained are satisfactory in general. Viafirma’s electronic signature solution has significantly transformed their daily processes. Thanks to it, they have been able to speed up and facilitate their clients’ processes and requests for help.

Nowadays, they do not visualize carrying out daily operations without Viafirma’s electronic signature solutions:

“It is a fundamental service in our functioning and operation since our clients’ grants or much of the documentation we work with has to be signed. The signatures are verified and must have legal validity”, Hugo Sanchez, Founding Partner and CEO of Vimart G&T.

Viafirma, your technology solution in the energy sector

Are you a professional in the energy sector and are you looking for an electronic signature solution that adapts to your needs? Viafirma can offer you management systems that will help you to complete your procedures, from a different perspective:

  • Legal
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Intuitive

Contact us and we will show you how we can help you. 


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