What is an authentication factor?

This is a method to confirm a user\’s identity using some kind of information they know (password), something they are or may possess.

What is an authentication factor based on SMS Token?

Viafirma Fortress notifies the user via SMS, requiring an OTP password (One-Time-Password) for the use of his certificates. Several SMS providers are supported for sending SMS.

What is an authentication factor based on OTP?

Consists on the generation of a security code valid for thirty seconds (OTP = One Time Password).

To use this kind of factor is necessary to have the Viafirma App (fully customizable with logo and customer name in the case of having the license).

Or you can use Google Authenticator.

What is an authentication factor based on Email token?

In this case, Viafirma Fortress notifies to the user\’s email account the second factor necessary for the use of their certificates through token OTP (one-time-password) (one-time-password).

What is PIN based user authentication factor ?

This is a 4-digit personal code that the user chose at the time of generating/storing the certificate in Viafirma Fortress

What is password based authentication factor?

This is a password chose by the user which must comply with length and robustness defined in the usage policies.

What is LDAP/Active Directory based authentication factor?

It\’s the authorization to use the certificate based on the business user/password of LDAP/Active Directory.

What is an authentication factor based fingerprint?

Fingerprint readers will allow users authentication or electronic signature operations with securely stored certificates in Fortress. In order to use this extra layer of protection, we first need to have a database/registry containing the fingerprints of the authorized users

Viafirma Fortress supports Tactivo Precise Biometrics mobile readers for iOS and Android, capturing fingerprint templates in ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 y ANSI 378 formats. It also supports desktop fingerprint readers designed for identity registration procedures in any registration office.


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