Working with the native app for iOS of Viafirma Inbox

Viafirma inbox, our digital signature folder, is fully accessible via mobile devices since long ago, in fact, you can work with our portafirmas in most of the mobile operating systems (Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Blackberry) but so far, could only do so through a web browser. Although, it is totally web responsive, in viafirma we’re seldom satisfied and we decided to give one more plus, in terms of usability, to our customers by developing a native app for iOS. I’m saying iOS because it what is now in the market, since we expect to support at least Android and Windows Phone (that’s why the company slogan is “universal signature” ;))

I must also say that now we have only the optimized version for iPhone, because although you can force its use on an iPad, we do not advise it, because we want the optimal user experience and we have not customized the size to fit the Apple tablet yet.

The app, in this version, is a mobile client for those regular users of our desktop application, which is to them that this development will bring true value. If you do not have Viafirma Inbox yet, ask us for a free demo by contacting us.

In order to appreciate better the features of this agenda of electronic signatures, we created a video where we explain how to work with the app to sign a pre-written workflow which involves two signatories (in the video, we play first the role of a user and then the other).



The 1.0 version of this app, has the following features:

  • Advanced mobile electronic signature with digital certificate (.pfx or .p12)
  • Recognized mobile electronic signature with e-ID and our smartcard reader for iPhone.
  • Management of electronic signature workflows.
  • Ability to add comments to requests for signature.
  • Approval or rejection of requests for signature.
  • Advanced classification requests: new, pending, pending, rejected, expired, custom.


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