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Can I modify the document once it already has signatures or any other added evidence included?

If the process includes a form to add additional data to the document you can add and modify the text of the input field as many times as you want. However, if after the document is completed with the data form signatures or other electronic evidences were added, any change could affect it’s purpose, therefore […]

Offline user guide

Viafirma Documents app allows to create documents and manage the signing process even if our device is in offline mode. To use this feature, the user must first log in online Offline document creation from templates Templates based on PDF If your templates are based on PDF, the App allows you to create documents with […]

Can we customize the image/logo of the evidence?

For each of the evidence we collect an little image in our document. These will originally be default images from the tool but there’s an option to change them to your own taste As group administrator you can change the image style associated to the evidence used in your policies except in cases when there’s […]

Is it mandatory the location of the signature from a web browser?

It’s simply a message displayed by the browsers and not by Viafirma, and the language content will be displayed depending on the user’s language operating system o browser settings. Is it obligatory to allow it? No it isn’t, the process is fully completed whatever the user’s decision regarding that message So what is it for? […]

Offline user guide

In the Viafirma Documents application it’s possible to generate documents and manage the signing procedures even if our device is in offline mode. To use this feature, the user must first log in at least once via Internet Offline document generation from templates Templates based on PDF If your templates are based on PDF with […]

How to register a certificate in Viafirma Documents?

In order to register a new certificate you must consider the following indications: 1.- Login to the platform 2.- Once you are logged in, please click on the URL: 3.- Fill in the form below In the first field you will need to enter the current password of the certificate and upload it. In […]

Does Viafirma Documents allow to change the expiration date of a signature request?

Yes, the expiration date of a signature request in Viafirma Documents is fully configurable both from the backend and the API. The expiration date can be specified in three different system settings in the following order of priority: Process level (API) Group level application level PROCESS LEVEL (API) If the process has been generated through […]

How to position evidence in a document with Viafirma Documents back end?

The easiest way to do it is through our policy designer. We only need to select the evidence we want to use and drag it where we would like to place it. The positions are reflected with the parameters X and Y, taking as reference the lower left part of the document, where the point […]