Electronic signature in El Salvador

Updated in September 2023

The validity and regulation of electronic signature in El Salvador is covered by the Electronic Signature Law of 2015. In this law, both the simple electronic signature and the certified electronic signature – known as the advanced electronic signature in Spain – are equated with handwritten signatures. Both have full legal validity.

It is important to note that this law includes the concept of a digital signature, but it refers to cryptographic methods that are more related to PINs used for credit cards than for signing purposes.

Updates to the Electronic Signature Law of 2015

Since its approval, the law about electronic signature in El Salvador has undergone updates and improvements, with the two most significant ones mentioned below:

  1. Regulation of the Electronic Signature Law (2018): It establishes procedures for the issuance and use of digital certificates and defines the responsibilities of certification service providers.
  2. Legislative Decree No. 100 (2021): It mandates the use of electronic signatures for certain procedures and documents, both in the public and private sectors, such as company formation, issuance of electronic invoices, filing tax declarations, etc. Additionally, following this decree, entities must implement electronic signature systems for conducting procedures and issuing documents.

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