Signature delegation and how it can benefit you

There is no person with the ability to be in several places at the same time or to carry all the responsibilities of a company. Luckily, there is the figure of the signature delegation, which also takes advantage of the digital signature. What benefits can the signature delegation offer you? Why should you consider using it?

The signature delegation allows you to give another person the power to sign in your name and is an action that can also be done with the digital signature, which we have told you many times, it has the same validity as the handwritten signature if the corresponding requirements are met .

If you have a responsibility position, delegating is one more part of your job and can bring you great benefits if you do it in the right way, but it can also make your day-to-day difficult if it is not. As they say, time is money, and thanks to the signature delegation you can get much more efficient use of the time you have.

The signature delegation can be used by executives in high responsibility positions, who have to take on many tasks in a very short time and can delegate their signature to their secretary, for example, and download this work expediting these procedures.

It is contemplated in Article 8 of Law 40/2015, of October 1, which states that “the holders of administrative bodies may, in matters of their competence, hold, either by attribution, or by delegation of powers, delegate the signing of their resolutions and administrative acts to the heads of the organs or administrative units that depend on them.”

As we have been able to read in the Law, there is a division between delegation of powers and delegation of signature and it is important to establish in what both figures differ. The signature delegation is a more modest figure since it does not exercise the same competence, but is simply the materiality of the signature of the acts previously dictated by the competent body or where appropriate, by the responsible persons. But that doesn’t mean it is enormously useful.

What benefits does the signature delegation have?

In the first place, delegating allows you to have more time to devote to certain tasks that need someone more qualified. Signing can be done by anyone, as long as all the points of the agreement have been negotiated.
The fact of delegating does imply something else: it carries an inherent responsibility with it that is being given to another person to exercise it. That trust deposited will make your motivation grow when it comes to doing your job.

The use of the signature delegation is highly recommended for CEOs of a company, who can delegate to their secretary for the preparation of certain documents and contracts and thus lighten their heavy workload.

Some jobs require meetings with clients outside the office or business trips to close agreements. The delegation of digital signature also has the benefit of mobility, which allows the user to sign wherever he/she is. More so, thanks to the universal signature concept of viafirma, that allows signing on any device.

Signature delegation

In other areas, the work system is very hierarchical and you need to monitor each of the documents, so the signature delegation plays a crucial role in expediting processes and that nothing becomes obsolete along the way.

In the medical and pharmaceutical sector, there are many people in charge who must sign and supervise documents, which also need very high confidentiality. To expedite these processes and maintain this high level of security, it is advisable to use signature delegation tools such as viafirma inbox.

Signature delegation is used in certain sectors to perform what is called self-invoice. This means that the one who issues the invoice is the one who receives the service and not the one who provides it, as is usually the case. The first has the delegated signature of the second and so, issues the invoice and signs for it, which expedites the process.

How can I use the signature delegation?

Viavansi has many years of experience with the digital signature and also works to facilitate the signature delegation with viafirma inbox. It is a signature holder from which you can organize the delegated signatures and establish the permissions that each person has, which are three levels:

Review: the delegate user can see the pending tasks established by the delegator, order them, and write comments, etcetera.
Approved: in addition to the above, the user can also give good views to the tasks.
Signature: in addition to the above, the user has the permissions to use the delegated electronic signature.

Signature delegation

The signature delegation thru via viafirma inbox can be automatic or require the signature of a document between both users that certifies that act. This document, fully configurable, can be incorporated whenever the signature by delegation is used, at the user’s choice.

Success stories of our solution Viafirma Inbox for the delegation of Signatures in the health area

Viafirma inbox has been implemented in several companies with great success, demonstrating the advantages of the signature delegation with this tool in different areas of activity. Next, we leave you with three examples in the health area with their peculiarities and the benefits they have offered to these organizations.

Puerta de Hierro Health Research Institute (IS)

Viafirma inbox has already been used by many successful companies and has known the benefits it offers. The Puerta de Hierro Health Research Institute of Majadahonda generated a high number of documents as a result of the research and medical trials. The complex bureaucracy required the signature of up to five people for the approval of certain confidential contracts.

The adoption of viafirma inbox allowed them to expedite procedures, eliminate the paper (with its corresponding savings and sustainability) and improve the times in the signing of contracts. In addition, the security of the platform kept the necessary confidentiality for these documents.

Foundation for Biomedical Research in Primary Care (FIIBAP)

The Foundation for Biomedical Research in Primary Care had a situation very similar to that of the previous case. Its approach to research and scientific-technological innovation caused having to manage a big amount of documents, which affected its productivity.

FIIBAP opted for the digital transformation of its organization by adopting viafirma inbox in its cloud version. Thus, the physical process of signing the documents was replaced by the same in digital format.

Valdecilla Health Research Institute (IDIVAL)

The Valdecilla Health Research Institute focuses its work on research and innovation in the biosanitary environment, also affected by the problems of a high number of documents to sign and a dense bureaucracy.

In its process of digital transformation, the IDIVAL foundation chose viafirma inbox to improve the management of so much documentation and favored by the use of the digital signature.

Other companies in the health sector also rely on viafirma: Sanitas, Sergas, Salud Madrid, Nursing General Council; and other sectors: insurance, public administrations, aviation security, utilities, finance … Definitely, the signature delegation is a very important tool in the organization of any company. Delegate allows a better management of the precious time and the digital signature offers a greater organization of the documentation and a tremendous saving of paper, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the company.

Its use is highly recommended for CEOs of companies that need to delegate their signature to concentrate on other tasks and also for organizations with high demands for confidentiality and in which the approval processes are many people involved, thus achieving greater fluidity of work and maintaining safety.