Image attachement

Image attachment

Viafirma Documents supports the use of the device camera for the signing process, therefore attaching images to the document to be used as evidence, e.g., damaged products, images of the delivery, ID card pictures, passport pictures, etc. Supports usage policies for pictures of individuals, including facial recognition system, preventing from completing the process if the photo does not match the person’s face

Furthermore, it can also be used to upload an image from any repository (gallery, PC image file, etc) 

Setting up the evidence during the signing process:

Here’s how the signer would see the evidence attachment during the signing process: 

Once signed, the evidence of the document will be viewed as follows::

Information collected during the signature and which can be viewed from the document if we activate the option “Add public link on the evidence” in the evidence:

This information will always be available through the platform.

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