Set signature workflows for your requests

Set signature workflows for your requests

To setup e-signature workflows for your documents, a new feature in your templates will allow you to link pre-defined workflows by the group administrator.

How to create a workflow

Signature workflows are based on templates, therefore the number of templates must be equal to the number of participants (except for the first one) in the workflow. These templates will be used to place the signatures and evidence of the rest of the signatories involved in the flow, as well as the notifications. group administrator will see an option in the menu called “Workflows”.  After creating the templates, they must click on ”Add”.

The new workflow must then be defined:

Once the workflow is created, you may add as many steps to it as you wish. In each step you will have to choose a Template or signature policy that was previously designed, the notification type and the desired recipient(s). Optionally, you can define one or more recipients to be notified when the signing process is completed.

The ”APP” type will allow you to send a notification to Viafirma Documents’ app, choosing the user that was previously registered.

Dynamic recipients

If you want to reuse a workflow you can use dynamic variables to identify your recipients using two keys with the name of the variable where the final value of the recipient will be reported. You can also use several dynamic variables comma-separated as you do when using fixed recipients.

E.g: {{email_address}}

These dynamic variables can be entered in two places:

Using the workflow from your templates

In case your group already has signature workflow, there are two ways to link them to your templates.

In the first case you will be able to use a workflow punctually. For this, when configuring your request you will need to select one of the workflows from the drop-down list.

Or you can link your template to a default workflow, which requires you to access the “Settings” section of your template and specify which default workflow you wish to link.

This last option is especially useful if your users use the Documents app based on input fields to generate documents. 

Recommended template settings

If you associate your template to a workflow we suggest you to check the notifications related to the signing process, considering that you will have to notify at least two signatories and probably using two different templates. Below you will find a typical setup case where 2 templates will be used to sign a Labor Contract:

Template for signing contracts by employees:

 Template for signing agreements by the company

 Remember that in your template settings you can always use dynamic variables {{my_variable}}, which we retrieve from the form fields, or from the request sent through Viafirma’s API if you are already integrated

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