7 ventajas de un gestor de certificados digitales

7 advantages of a digital certificate manager

Surely, in your law firm, agency, company or organization you need to use several digital certificates to conduct daily business. Without a digital certificate manager, they will be distributed on different computers in the company, or all of them will be gathered in a single computer that is accessed by different people, and that is essential, because only from that device you can make use of these certificates.

We have a solution. We tell you what is a digital certificate manager and what are its advantages so you can discover the improvement in security and productivity that it can bring to your organization.

What is a digital certificate manager?

A digital certificate manager allows you to group certificates into a single tool from which you can manage them and control their use in a centralized way. That’s right, you can use it to approve and issue various applications that require an electronic signature.

To use it, each user of the tool must be authorized and can only use it with those who have been granted permission and under the conditions specified. Access to this tool is protected by strong authentication to ensure maximum security.

Advantages of using a digital certificate manager

  1. Centralization. Certificates are stored and managed from a single point in the cloud. From there, they can be used as if they were installed on the machine where they are managed.
  2. Increased security. Not only do we eliminate the risk of uncontrolled distribution of certificates to different computers. Encrypted storage of certificates and their keys meets the highest security standards, preventing fraudulent use or identity theft.
  3. Control permissions. With a digital certificate manager, you can create usage policies that control who has access to each certificate, for how long, at what time, and for what purpose. This limits the use of certificates and minimizes unnecessary risk.
  4. Detailed audit. We will be able to track everything that is done with the stored certificates: who used them, when, and how. This adds an extra layer of security: not only can we restrict their use in a very precise way, but we can also later audit how they were used.
  5. Regulatory compliance. Our products carefully follow the requirements of international standards such as eIDAS.
  6. Lifecycle control. Having all certificates in a single manager makes it easier to control their useful life. Viafirma Fortress alerts you when a certificate is about to expire, preventing management problems or delays and saving time.
  7. Anywhere. Having certificates in the cloud allows them to be used from any computer whenever needed. This is especially useful in the context of increasing telecommuting, as it makes it easier for the person who needs to use them to not need a specific device to work normally, and avoids potential security breaches.

Viafirma Fortress, the digital certificates manager that your business needs

With Viafirma Fortress you have at your disposal all the previously mentioned advantages at a very competitive price and with the most complete software in the market to manage your company’s digital certificates.

Don’t worry about where your organization’s certificates are installed, control their use down to the last millimeter, and speed up processes by accessing them from anywhere.

It is also 100% compatible with your company’s eBusiness solutions, no matter what technology you use. Integrating our tool is very easy thanks to our powerful API.

Contact us to find out how our digital certificate manager can make your life easier and help you save time in your daily tasks.

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