Alegra and Viafirma, together to expand electronic signature in Latin America

For some unknown reason, business accounting and invoicing is often done through slow, manual and outdated processes. This involves spreadsheets, reports and office trays full of paperwork.

But those days are behind us. Alegra offers solutions to make accounting and invoicing faster, more accurate and ultimately much more productive.

What is Alegra?

Alegra is a company specialized in computer systems for the management of accounting, administrative, invoicing and electronic payroll matters, with a staff of 200 people and a commercial scope that expands from its origin in Colombia to countries such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

It offers tools to manage your business in a more efficient and orderly way so you can focus your time on growing your business, gaining time and peace of mind. It allows you to make invoices, keep your expenses, inventories, banks, create your own online store and have intelligent reports to manage your business in an organized way. You can work as a team and access your information from any device.

Alegra starts collaborating with Viafirma, a company specialized in the development of software solutions for the management of digital signature processes. The versatility of its solutions has led it to literally fulfill its motto “the universal signature“. This is evidenced by the use of the Viafirma brand in more than 18 countries, with an important network of partners both in Spain and throughout Latin America, and its presence with its own offices in Spain, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Logo of Alegra

Alegra’s main functionalities

The following are some of Alegra’s functionalities:

  • Automated accounting: Automatic generation of accounting entries to simplify these processes.
  • Electronic invoicing: Issuance of electronic invoices to the DGII.
  • Mobile App: Create invoices, make collections and manage your company from anywhere.
  • Multi-currency: Make your transactions in different currencies.
  • Recurring Invoices: Replicate the same invoice automatically every so often.
  • POS System: Create invoices and register your payments easily and quickly at points of sale.
  • API: Through integration, connect Alegra with the system of your choice.
User testing the functionalities offered by Alegra

Alegra and Viafirma, a technological alliance to expand electronic signatures

The world of invoicing and electronic signatures allows the creation of synergies between companies that, as in this case, converge in similar philosophies and complementary products. On this basis, Alegra and Viafirma have initiated conversations to strengthen the current relationship as technology partners and jointly address projects that add value and efficiency to those companies that are incorporating the digital management of their processes.

In particular, these joint lines of action are aimed mainly at Colombia and the Dominican Republic, and consist of:

  • Incorporation of our tool, Viafirma Documents, to the mandate requests that Alegra has to manage with its clients in Colombia.
  • Use of digital certificates issued by Viafirma RD so that Alegra’s customers can electronically sign the invoices generated in its software and be part of the Electronic Invoice project in the Dominican Republic.
  • Integration of Alegra’s invoicing software with Viafirma Fortress to address the possibility of adding qualified electronic signature to such invoices, within the framework of the Electronic Invoice project of the Dominican Republic’s General Tax Directorate (DGII).

We are sure that our first conversations and the good atmosphere between the two companies will bear much fruit and help us to do our bit for an increasingly modern and efficient world.

Electronic signature: A simple, secure and indispensable solution

More and more operations are initiated and completed from a mobile device, as the use of simple, intuitive and accessible digital solutions benefit any type of business.

Our tool allows you to validate and send the documents to be signed quickly, speeding up any process that needs authorization, avoiding any unnecessary travel and complying with the legal requirements of any country.

The number of companies using our solution is increasing rapidly because of the advantage of being able to close deals in a matter of seconds.


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