SME Digitalization Plan 2021-2025

At the beginning of 2021, the government announced the SME Digitalization Plan 2021-2025. In total, 11 billion euros will be invested to boost the digitization of 1.5 million small and medium-sized enterprises, the Public Administration and to strengthen the digital skills of the population.

In this article we tell you the details of these benefits and how Viafirma can guide the digital transformation of your company.

The importance of digitalization in companies

Since before the pandemic, technology had become an essential component of the workplace. Employers saw technology as a useful means of establishing closer relationships with customers, allowing some flexibility in the workplace, and as the best means of automating business processes.

However, the coronavirus crisis and the end of face-to-face meetings greatly accelerated the search for technology solutions. This forced companies to look for creative digital solutions so that they could continue to operate remotely and continue to provide services to their customer base.

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How will the SME digitalization plan be implemented?

To address the SME digitization plan 2021-2025, 5 main lines of action have been defined:

  • Boosting basic digitalization: More than 3 billion euros in budget to get as many SMEs as possible to integrate digital solutions to modernize themselves
  • Support for change management: 655 million euros of budget allocated to the training of managers and staff in digital management, with a special focus on reducing the gender digital divide
  • Disruptive innovation and digital entrepreneurship: €439 million budget for SMEs and startups to seize opportunities in the green and data-driven digital economy
  • Support for sectoral digitization: 450 million euros in budget to boost the digitization of the industry, commerce and tourism sectors.

Instruments to support entrepreneurship, innovation and digitalization: to reinforce their complementarity and effectiveness throughout the national territory.

How can Viafirma help me?

The introduction of new simple and intuitive digital technologies will help differentiate your business from the competition, since most customers prioritize those companies able to offer telematic solutions.

Our electronic signature helps you to start the digital transformation of your SME, accelerating the formalization of any contract 100% online, without the need for printing and travel by the parties.

In addition, our solutions contribute to a 100% paperless office, allowing the digitization of all documents and reducing the physical space needed to store them, offering a differential value compared to other offerings in the market, which will help attract more customers.


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