Law 527 of 1999

Do you know the law 527 of 1999? In Colombia, the starting point for the implementation of technological means has its benefit in this law, which defines and regulates the use of electronic commerce data messages, digital signatures and other provisions, guaranteeing access to information and administrative procedures.

In this article we tell you about this law and how Viafirma’s electronic signature can benefit your business.

What is the law 527 of 1999 of Colombia?

It is a legal tool that establishes, defines and regulates the use and access of data messages in the Colombian State.

This law is a decree issued by the Congress of the Republic and is still in force.

It has 47 articles and some notes of validity. It is applicable to all types of information in the form of data messages, with the exception of some cases of force majeure such as treaties or international conventions.

Main functions

The main functions of this law are listed below:

  1. The rights and duties of originators, recipients and entities regarding the use of data messages are guaranteed and defined.
  2. Preserves the integrity, originality and reliability of the information provided in the data messages.
  3. It reinforces the validity and reliability of the data messages, approving them as probative force under certain conditions.
  4. It demonstrates the importance of data messages as a new and viable way of producing and organizing documentation.

Law 527 of 1999 and electronic signature

This law consecrated the electronic signature as an equivalent of the handwritten signature, giving it the same validity and legal effects, as long as it complies with the reliability requirements set forth in Decree 2364 DE 2012.

This Decree authorizes methods such as codes, passwords, biometric data or private cryptographic keys that allow the identification of a person in relation to a data message, provided that the same is reliable and appropriate with respect to the purposes for which the signature is used, taking into account all the circumstances of the case, as well as any relevant agreement.

A judge's gavel approving law 527 of 1999

Viafirma Lite, the document signature solution adapted to the current legal framework

Viafirma Lite is a free tool that allows the user to streamline the execution, review, signing and storage of contracts. It offers a centralized digital platform designed to transform the traditional contracting processes with clients, incorporating a fully automated, simple and more efficient approach that allows closing agreements in a faster and 100% online way.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to optimize more complex signature processes, Viafirma Documents is an enterprise level tool that supports the use of templates, different signature formats (biometric signature, OTP SMS, etc) and allows the inclusion of electronic evidences to the document (images, videos, advanced checks, etc) to guarantee a higher degree of robustness to the process.  


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